Louis C.K. Tells Fallon: $1 Million In Sales From Beacon Theater Special Going To Charities, Staff, Stomach (VIDEO)

WATCH: Louis C.K. Reveals Plans For His $1 Million

Continuing to prove that he's one of the most real comedians that has ever lived, Louis C.K. revealed some pretty noble plans this week for the $1 million he's made so far selling his Beacon Theatre special online.

On Wednesday night's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," C.K. wrote off his $1 million in sales -- the first million he's ever had all at once, he admitted -- as just "a $5 impulse that 220,000 people had." And to continue not giving himself too much credit, he announced that the money would be divided up between paying for the special's production costs ($250,000), giving his entire staff healthy bonuses (another $250,000), donating to five different charities ($280,000) and finally, using the remaining $220,000 to do something -- we don't know -- with his stomach.

Maybe lipo. Maybe just a really good sandwich.

The charities to which C.K. is donating over a quarter of his earnings are the Fistula Foundation which helps women, Charity: Water, which provides clean drinking water; Green Chimneys and the Pablove Foundation which help children in need and Kiva, an organization that offers "microfunds" or small loans to people around the world.

C.K. has been humble about his online experiment from the beginning, seeing the chance to offer his stand-up special for $5 through PayPal on a simple website with no corporate affiliation as simply more creatively satisfying. He did grassroots marketing online including a Reddit Q&A and posted a genuine thank you letter to his fans after the special grossed over over $500,000 in less than a week.

Watch the interview above (or here) and share your thoughts on Louis' million dollar plans in the comments.

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