Louis C.K. Has Very Strong Feelings About Cell Phones

This supercut says it all.

Louis C.K. isn't just a hilarious comedian: he's one of our most incisive -- and insightful -- social critics. When he has something to say about the way we live today, it's worth paying attention. Because he's probably right. 

And one of his big messages -- as revealed by the masterful supercut above, cut together by Luis Azevedo of The A to Z Review -- is that we rely way too much on our cell phones. 

The video includes clips from his FX show "Louie" and several of his stand-up routines on the subject of cell phones, all of it very funny and disturbingly accurate. But the heart of his critique of cell phones comes in the form of an interview on "Conan." It's there that he expresses the belief that we use cell phones to block out the pain of modern life -- which ultimately makes that pain even worse, even more omnipresent. 

"You need to build an ability to just be yourself and not be doing something. That's what the phones are taking away -- the ability to just sit there," he says. "Underneath everything in your life, there's that thing -- that forever empty thing. You know what I'm talking about? That it's all for nothing and you're alone." 

When we get this feeling, he explains, we instinctively reach for our cell phones and start to text our friends for reassurance. Even when we're driving!

"People are willing to risk taking a life and ruining their own because they don't want to be alone for a second," he said.

That's dark. But don't worry: the video that delivers this borderline-brutal message is leavened with plenty of LOL-worthy jokes. Just be sure not to watch it while you're sitting in the driver's seat. 

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