Louis C.K.'s Brilliant Idea For Next Christmas: Buy Your Kids Nothing

Louis C.K. has an idea to make Christmas less stressful, save some money, and make your kids better people, all at the same time. (Talk about killing three turtle doves with one stone!)

Give your kids nothing, C.K. suggested to Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" on Monday.

"They come down and there's just nothing. And they're like 'what?,' and I'm like 'yeah, there's nothing here girls.' And they're like 'did Santa come?' 'Well, if he did, he didn't leave anything. Not for you' ... I actually do think that one Christmas with nothing would make them more generous, more cautious, and smarter people. So it would actually be good parenting to have one Christmas where you get nothing."

Funny dad has a point, but admits that Santa isn't going anywhere. "I can't do it. I can't do what's right for my kids. I have to buy them presents because I love them -- helplessly."

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