Louis C.K. Was Right About The Cloud All Along

Comedian Louis C.K. has been known to drop truth bombs in his standup, but in this 2012 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he seems to predict the future.

In the video above, Louis C.K. expresses suspicions about handing over photos and data to the network of servers known as the Cloud.

"I think people are a little naive about what they're giving away," he says. "There's this new thing, the Cloud. They want you to go the Cloud, and they are selling it as a great idea. Just, 'You don't need your stuff. Just give it to us; we'll keep it on the Cloud.'"

"And you're like, 'Really? Those are my pictures,'" he continues.

We're all likely guilty of trusting these all-magical storage spaces. After nude photos of female celebrities were leaked, however, many began reconsidering their trust in the Cloud's security.

Ultimately, hackers who violate privacy are to blame for these acts, but perhaps now you will re-watch this Louis C.K. clip with a more critical eye than you did back in 2012.

Timeless Truth Bombs From Louis CK

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