Louis C.K.'s Attempted Comeback Included Another Set At A Long Island Comedy Club

Before his set at the Comedy Cellar, the disgraced comic performed at Governors' Comedy Club in Levittown, New York.

Before his surprise appearance at the Comedy Cellar in New York City over the weekend, Louis C.K. also made a stop at Governors’ Comedy Club in Levittown, Long Island.

The disgraced comic arrived at the club unannounced, just as he did at the Comedy Cellar. The club posted numerous photos of Louis C.K. from his appearance and confirmed to HuffPost that he performed on Sunday.

Multiple women came forward in November to say that Louis C.K. had made unwanted sexual advances or masturbated in front of them, which the comedian later admitted.

Governors’ Comedy Club owner James Dolce told HuffPost that Louis C.K. is “welcome to any of my clubs” whenever he wants.

When asked about the backlash the comedian has received and why he should still be allowed to perform, Dolce said that Louis C.K. has “made a numerous amount of apologies.”

“I mean, the guy’s a comedy legend. I’m a comedy club owner ... The people look for him. There’s not a night that people aren’t asking about him,” Dolce told HuffPost.

He added: “It’s a tricky question. He’s a great comic ... That’s too political for me.”

While Dolce appears to support the idea of a Louis C.K. comeback, he also said he wasn’t the only one in the club to feel that way.

“He went up to unbelievable applause,” said Dolce of the set. “[The audience] went crazy, they went nuts.”

It’s not clear what the set entailed ― Dolce told HuffPost that he couldn’t recall specifics ― though some called the comedian’s Comedy Cellar set later in the evening “disturbing” and said that it included a joke about rape whistles.

On whether or not Louis C.K. will perform again, Dolce said: “He’ll be back soon, I’m sure.”

This story has been updated with James Dolce’s comments to HuffPost.

If you have any information about or attended either of Louis C.K.’s sets, message jenna.amatulli@huffpost.com.

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