Louis C.K. Says He Has 'No Problem' With Tom Brady's Deflated Balls

Louis C.K. Has 'No Problem' With Tom Brady's Deflated Balls

Everyone from late night hosts to Science Guys are weighing in on #Deflategate, but one comedian recently said he has "no problem" with the alleged scandal.

While talking with David Letterman, Louis C.K. explained that he's cool with the Patriots possibly trying to get an edge on the competition, saying, "Why not? It's a stupid football game." Though C.K. is a New England fan, he went on to say the alleged scandal is "fun," adding, "When it's your turn to use the rules, you use it against the other team, and when you want to do something wrong in order to win you do that. And then you get caught and people yell at you, and you just go, 'I don't know.'"

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