Louis C.K. Rages At Heckler Yelling About His Sexy Boots (VIDEO)

WATCH: Louis C.K. Has No Patience With Heckler

If you're going to heckle a comedian -- which you shouldn't ever do, really -- it's definitely a mistake to drunkenly taunt the one guy at the top of the game right now.

Louis C.K. went after a woman at a recent benefit show at New York City Center, who, within earshot of Louie, evidently kept yelling at him about his "sexy" boots.

"Thank you. Maybe tell me that later instead of during a performance," he sharply retaliated.

"It is not appropriate to yell shit at me right now," he told her, going onto explain that he's the last person she should be interrupting. "If you yell at someone on the street, you're not ruining a show for 2,500 fucking people."

C.K.'s patience with hecklers is famously short-fused. He spent a good chunk of an episode of "Louie" mercilessly going after one, perhaps as a warning to real-life audience members who may be tempted.

Of course, we'd be remiss to say that while this heckler definitely needed to STFU, we won't let the person who clandestinely recorded the video off the hook, either. Next time we visit a comedy show, let's all shut up, put away our phones and enjoy some good stand-up, the way God intended.

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