Louis C.K. Reveals The End Of His 'American Hustle' Story

If you felt like Louis C.K.'s character had more to say in "American Hustle" than what made it into the movie, you are right. The comedian stopped by "The Tonight Show" to complete a story about ice fishing that was cut out.

"I had very little to do in the movie originally," he said. "In the script, I just had a few lines. But then I got to the set, and [director David O. Russell] said, 'I want you to tell a story about ice fishing throughout the whole movie.'"

He explained that the improvised story had an ending, but the end was left on the cutting room floor. He then told the complete story to Leno -- and the scatological nature of the ending left Leno sorry he asked.

Louie downplayed his involvement with the movie ("I'm like a guy who won a contest to be on the set") but was grateful that Russell, who he described as "explosive," cast him in the movie.

Before leaving, Louie went out of his way to thank Leno, who will end his reign as the "Tonight Show" host in about a month.

"I wanted to say to you, I really owe you a lot," C.K. said. "You're the first late night show to put me on as the lead guest." He has frequently spoken fondly of Leno, and even gave the talk show host a cameo on his show "Louie."

Check out the completed "American Hustle" story above, and the rest of his "Tonight Show" appearance below.




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