Louis C.K. Completely Ruined One Of Jimmy Fallon's Early Auditions

Jimmy Fallon hasn't necessarily had the best of luck when guests decide to reveal stories about his past (see Nicole Kidman), but at least he's consistent.

On Tuesday night, Louis C.K. explained that Fallon actually auditioned for him years ago for "The Dana Carvey Show." He also revealed that he was the reason Fallon didn't get the part.

"I think I actually said I will quit the show if you hire that kid," C.K. said. The comedian explained that the audition consisted of songs about troll dolls, some butt wiggling and even demonstrated his Fallon impression to illustrate the point. In the end, C.K. admitted the reason he didn't want Fallon was just jealousy, but he joked that "The Tonight Show" host should really thank him for helping to put him on the path to all the success he has today.

C.K. went on to break out his Jerry Seinfeld impression later in the show. And judging by Seinfeld's success, it wouldn't be surprising if C.K. torpedoed his career at some point as well:



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