Louis C.K.: Dane Cook A 'Good Guy,' Didn't Steal Jokes Knowingly

Louie C.K.: Dane Cook A 'Good Guy'

In an interview with Deadline, Louis C.K. once again emphasized that he has no ill will towards fellow comedian Dane Cook for an old controversy that centered on a few of Cook's jokes bearing suspicious similarity to those of C.K.

"I think he sort of got some of my jokes in his head and got sloppy," C.K. said in the interview. "He’s a good guy and not capable of maleficence."

Last year, C.K. had Cook on his show "Louie" to dramatize a reconciliation between the two comedians. In the episode, Louie asks Dane for tickets to a concert, which Dane has the ability to procure. Dane says he will, under one condition: Louie must apologize for failing to combat the perception that Dane stole his jokes.

Since the episode has aired, C.K. has suggested that filming the episode was cathartic for both him and Cook. In an interview with The A.V. Club, he said that Cook was initially against the idea of portraying the controversy as a bitter feud, but eventually relented and was a complete professional throughout the shoot.

The third season of "Louie" premieres on June 28, at 10:30 p.m. on FX. Cook also has a show coming to NBC this fall entitled "Next Caller Please," where Cook plays an abrasive radio DJ.

WATCH: Dane Cook on "Louie."

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