Louis CK On Why You Should Put Down Your Smartphone And Watch Your Kids

Louis CK Busts Parents For This REALLY Annoying Habit

There are so many reasons to worship Louis CK I’ve lost count. But one of the most brilliant parts of his act, and his FX show “Louie,” is his hilariously truthful take on contemporary parenting.

If you’re a parent who hasn’t yet discovered CK, here’s a peek at what I’m talking about: In this clip he perfectly captures the all-too-familiar experience of going to a child-centered event where none of the parents are actually watching the soccer game or school play or Kindergarten graduation. Why? Because they’re all straining to capture the occasion on video with their various devices, which, CK points out, blocks “their vision of their actual child.”

With his signature mix of brilliance and bite, CK forces parents to look at how ridiculously we can behave -- and in this case, how we can be so hell-bent on recording our children's milestones, that we miss them altogether. “The resolution on the kid is unbelievable if you just look,” CK says. “It’s totally HD.”

Note: Some language here is NSFW.

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