Louis C.K.'s 'SNL' Monologue Gets Real About God, Heaven, Women And Calling Shirts 'Wifebeaters'

Louis C.K. Gets Real About Women And Religion

One of the best parts about Louis C.K. hosting "Saturday Night Live" is the nearly 10 minutes of new stand-up we get to see during his opening monologue.

This time, after riffing about "First world" hunger and explaining why going to see his child's play is basically torture, Louis got real about religion, even doing some crowd work by asking people to "Clap if you think you're going to heaven." The audience loved his bit about people who say God isn't real because they can't see Him ("I haven't seen '12 Years A Slave' yet, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist") and how it's reasonable to think that there might be a God but no Heaven:

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Louis then went on to raise an interesting question about "Our Father": "What happened to our mom?" His guess is that either something suspicious happened up there ("Somewhere in heaven there's a porch with a dead lady under it") or God's a divorced, single father who's raising us on his own.

His material on why God is perceived to be a man led to some poignant jokes about women's rights, including how messed up it is that women couldn't vote until 1920. But his pièce de résistance was probably his final bit, in which he pointed out the absurdity of people calling men's undershirts "wifebeaters" without batting an eye.

"Women have had a rough time. It was so okay to beat your wife until so recently, that today we have a kind of shirt named after it. There's a piece of clothing in our culture affectionately nicknamed after beating the crap out of your wife! And for some reason this is offensive to nobody!"

Watch the video above to hear the full set and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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