Louis C.K. Teaches Daughters To Apologize In Deleted 'Louie' Scene (VIDEO)

Louis C.K. may not know how to interact with women, but saying "I'm sorry" is his wheelhouse.

In this deleted scene from "Louie," his girls learn a valuable lesson about apologizing, even when it's an accident. More importantly, they learn what can happen when you don't apologize.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube a month ago, but it was re-surfaced by Reddit users yesterday, who very quickly got to the meat of the matter:

Redditer 1: Can't wait to show this to my 5 and four year olds...If you don't say "I'm sorry" they're gonna haul your ass to jail. Internet is making parenting a lot easier.

Redditer 2: Pretty sure this is the only situation where the internet makes parenting a lot easier

Redditer 3: "Daddy, why are those girls pooping in a cup and eating it?"

Redditer 4: "Because they went to school, but they didn't listen."




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