Louis C.K. Continues To Knock Standardized Testing In 'David Letterman' Appearance

Louis C.K. took his complaints about standardized testing to late night television Thursday, telling David Letterman his two daughters were currently amid three days of "high-pressure" exams at their public schools.

The appearance on "David Letterman" comes after the comedian knocked standardized testing and the Common Core State Standards on Twitter this week. In the tweet, he sarcastically thanked the Common Core Standards for making his daughters cry and suggested the standards implementation process had been rushed in New York State. He also posted photos of one of his daughter's math homework, musing, "Who is writig these? And why? [sic]"

The comedian reiterated his confusion over his daughters' math homework -- aligned with the Common Core -- to Letterman Thursday.

"I look at the problems, and it’s like, 'You know Bill has three goldfish. He buys two more. How many dogs live in London?'" he joked.

The Common Core State Standards have been adopted in more than 40 states in an effort to make sure students across the country are being held to the same measure.

Louis C.K.'s comments about testing start at about 0:58 in the video above.



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