Louis C.K. To Return To 'Parks And Recreation' In Guest Role (VIDEO)

TV Line reports that Louis C.K. will return to "Parks and Recreation" later this season to reprise his character Dave Sanderson, a police officer and love interest of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) last seen in the second season of the NBC sitcom.

Although C.K.'s schedule is typically dominated by his show "Louie," on which he stars, writes, directs, produces and edits, the comedian's FX show is on a break before entering another season of production, giving him time to bring back the character.

Poehler's character is currently involved with her co-worker Ben Wyatt, played by Adam Scott. C.K.'s storyline ended when his cop character left the show's locale of Pawnee to report for military work in San Diego, so his return after nearly two seasons will likely present a love triangle for the three.

If C.K.'s character returns, perhaps this means that we may see other characters who have jettisoned the show -- namely Mark Brendanawicz (Paul Schneider), who unceremoniously departed the show after its second season.

Above, check out a clip from C.K.'s previous stint on "Parks and Recreation." Are you excited for his return?

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