Louis C.K.'s New Album 'WORD: Live At Carnegie Hall' Available Now

So, Louis C.K. Has A New Album Out Today

Ready for more Louis C.K.? You're in luck. The comedian released a brand new album, "WORD: Live at Carnegie Hall," today as a download on his website. Laughspin first reported the news this morning, and although they first indicated that the album would not be released until tomorrow, "Word" is currently available on louisck.net for $5.

The comedian received plenty of accolades for his latest one-hour special, "Live at the Beacon Theater," which he announced, produced, and independently released within about a month last November. This time, he's beat his own record by releasing the album without any formal announcement beforehand.

Although some of the material may be familiar to fans of C.K., it has never been released as a special before. He explains on his website:

This is material that I was performing two years ago (about) on a tour that was called "Word". Some of this material was on my FX show "Louie" in pieces but the entire show in one piece was never released. This show was recorded at Carnegie Hall on November 4, 2010.

His last special before "Beacon Theater," the concert film and album "Hilarious," was filmed in April 2009, over a year before his "Word" tour. C.K. is notorious for developing a new hour of comedy each year. "Beacon Theater" will make its TV debut Saturday on FX.

The "Louie" star, who recently swept the Comedy Awards, also released his breakthrough special "Shameless" for $5 on his website.

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