Louis Cole, Web Series Star, Eats Live Scorpion (VIDEO)

"To Louis, anything is food," the Facebook page for Louis Cole's web series Food For Louis states in its information section.

You would think that would be an exaggeration, but trust us, it's not. Actually, don't trust us. Just watch the video below and you'll have all the proof you need.

If you can stomach it, watch as Cole, 28, shoves the flailing insect into his mouth, and tries desperately (and successfully) to keep it down. On his Facebook page, his followers ask him about everything from the nature of his bowel movements, to what cameras he uses to document his shenanigans.

Others use the opportunity to suggest future food options. Some of the gems are feces, raw frogs and roadkill. Somehow, we have a feeling that he's up to the challenge.

Don't be too impressed by his recent feat though, the Elmbridge Guardian reported that the creepy crawler was a non-stinging scorpion. Please. Piece of cake.

Can't get enough of Cole's extremely strong stomach? Click over to his YouTube channel for videos of him eating everything from 10 blended mice, to three cockroaches. Yup.

Warning, video is extremely graphic.