Louis Farrakhan: Racism Could Lead To Obama Assassination Attempts

During an annual conference on Sunday, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan said President Barack Obama has been criticized more than any other president because of his race -- and believes the racial hatred could lead to assassination attempts.

Farrakhan made the comments during a lecture at the United Center during his annual Saviours’ Day speech. The leader of the Chicago-based movement discussed politics, debt, foreign policy and other issues during the speech, according to the Associated Press.

"They have called President Barack Obama a racist, an anti-Semite, a socialist, a communist, a foreigner, an alien and some have even called him a terrorist," Farrakhan said, according to the AP. "Obama has really got them upset. Republicans are looking for some white person. Anybody. Anybody. "

Farrakhan spent much of his oration decrying what he cast as Satan's influence over racist forces in politics and society before asking a pointed rhetorical question: "Do you think they're wicked enough to be plotting our brother's assassination as we speak?"


While Farrakhan called out conservatives for questioning Obama's citizenship and even criticizing the figure of first lady Michelle Obama, he also attacked the president for his support of efforts to remove Middle Eastern leaders and warned him against any potential military action in Iran. The crowd roared as he called on them to be "conscientious objectors" to any strike against Iran.

Never has a sitting president been spoken of in the manner that President Obama and his family have had to endure,” Farrakhan continued, according to WBEZ. “Not just by the birthers and right-wing zealots but those in high places – people with great influence have spoken against him in a manner that has never been according to even the worst of America’s white presidents.”

He went on to say that the people who want to assassinate the president would want their "patsy" to be a Muslim.

Farrakhan's speech, titled "What will 2012 bring to America, the World, Black and Oppressed People," also touched on his September 11 conspiracy theories (he believes the U.S. government orchestrated the attacks) and the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Farrakhan previously called Obama an “assassin” and a “murderer" for approving U.S. intervention in Libya.