GOP Lawmaker's Wife Has 'Prophetic' Dream Of Feds Seizing Couple's Guns And Knives

"What happened to our freedom?" Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins said his wife wailed. His opponent is using the "vision" to raise money.

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) decided to alert the public Friday that his wife “has the gift of premonition” and she recently awoke crying from a nightmare of an apocalyptic future where federal officials seize their guns, knives and other items.

Now Higgins’ Democratic opponent in this year’s election is using the strange tale to raise campaign funds. “This is what we’re up against,” tweeted rival Rob Anderson.

Higgins had posted on Twitter that his wife, Becca, “dreamed that Federal squads were in our home seizing guns, knives, ‘unauthorized foods’ and stored water.” Becca “awoke crying,” he added. “‘What happened to our freedom?’ she asked.”

Higgins, first elected to his seat in 2016, concluded ominously: “What indeed.”

Anderson shot back an hour later with his fundraising appeal.

Reactions to Higgins’ tweet included theNew Orleans-based Gambit Weekly wondered if Higgins had just accused his wife of witchcraft.

Walter Shaub, former director of the federal Office of Government Ethics, said the “level of crazy” in Higgins’ tweet managed to break through an exceptionally crazy year. And author Kurt Eichenwald suggested anti-psychotics.

Others wondered why the feds would seize “stored water.”

Many found it especially creepy that someone with the alleged gift of foresight would primarily be worried about losing her guns, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic that, President Donald Trump’s insistence notwithstanding, shows no signs of ebbing.

Several reminded Higgins that Breonna Taylor lost her life when Kentucky police officers broke into her home in March in a botched raid in which she was not a suspect.

Higgins spurred controversy last month when, ahead of a scheduled Black Lives Matter protest in Louisiana, he threatened to use one of his guns to “drop ... any 10” who might be armed. “One way ticket, fellas,” he said on a Facebook post illustrated with a photo of Black men. The social media outlet eventually deleted the post.

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