Louisiana Floods: Volunteers Unite To Rescue Flood Victims

It has been amazing to see all the love and compassion the people of Louisiana and neighboring communities have been showing towards each other in time of need. The generosity and all the selfless acts of kindness have restored my faith in humanity.

Rescue Mission (Cajun Navy) 
Rescue Mission (Cajun Navy) 

Over the past few days, I have witnessed the power of social media. I have seen social media used to get information back and forth to save people from the raging floodwaters, and how one Facebook posts can turn into hundreds of individuals bringing water, food, and other necessities to shelters for evacuees.

The people of Louisiana always come together when a disaster threatens their community. The proof of this can be seen plastered all over social media and television, showing all the heroic men and women that are selflessly volunteering their time and placing themselves in dangerous floodwaters to save people they have never met. The only thing these brave heroes want in return is the peace of mind knowing they saved someone.      

 There’s one group in particular that I follow on social media that has been rescuing thousands of stranded people from the deadly flood waters; that group calls themselves “The Cajun Navy.” These brave people have banded together using their personal boats and money. When members of this group heard about people needing rescuing, they didn’t think twice about jumping into their vehicles with their boats in tow traveling many miles and waiting countless hours to get approval to launch into the murky waters. 

I would personally like to say “thank you” to everyone that has been rescuing people from the floodwaters and the individuals that have been coordinating rescue missions, volunteering at evacuee shelters, collecting donations, donating items or money, feeding people, and those that have been praying for Louisiana!

Please continue to pray for Louisiana and the families that have lost loved ones. Also for the first responders and all the individuals going out on rescue missions. There are people still needing rescuing from the floodwaters, and some areas, water is still rising. I am confident with all the abundance of help the great people of Southeast Louisiana are receiving; they will pull out of this catastrophic stronger than ever!!

If you would like to help the flood victims of Louisiana, you can text LAFLOODS to 90999 Red Cross will automatically deduct $10.