Twitter Users Sock It To Louisiana Pol For Showing Off Weird Hairy Trump Socks

Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser lifted his pants leg to show his unusual socks to the president.

President Donald Trump received an unusual greeting when he arrived in Louisiana on Tuesday: Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser rolled up a pants leg to reveal a sock.

But not just any sock. 

Nungesser’s hosiery featured the president’s likeness, right down to a large tuft of blonde hair emerging from the patterned Trump head: 

Gumball Poodle‏, the company that makes the $30 socks, said on Twitter they’re manufactured in the United States and come with a tiny comb

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert broke out his impersonation of Trump as he described the socks.

Nice socks,” Colbert cracked in Trump’s voice. “But if you really loved me, you’d get my face as a tramp stamp like Bill Barr did.” 

Esquire called the socks “an abomination” and urged Nungesser to “burn them.” Splinter’s headline called them “the most pathetic thing you’ll see all day.” And on Twitter, the fashion police were out in force: 



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