Louisville's <em>Courier-Journal</em> Front Page Completely Drawn By Artist

Louisville'sFront Page Completely Drawn By Artist

The Courier-Journal of Louisville handed over its front page Friday to Turkish artist Serkan Ozkaya, who created a hand-drawn replica of the newspaper's front page.

The paper says it is part of a "public art partnership" it has entered into with Ozkaya and nonprofit organization artwithoutwalls.

Ozkaya said his art is intended to make people "look at your experience in a new way."

Courier-Journal publisher Arnold Garson said the project intrigued him because it can generate discussion, and because it points out how art is a valuable part of everyday life.

"It is about starting the thought process, which is what art is about," Garson said. "It makes you stop and think.

"We are in the business of communication. This is just another way of doing that," he added. "I hope it's exciting, surprising to our readers."

Watch Ozkaya work in this slideshow or view the full cover below, embedded via DocStoc:

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