Hey, 'Love Actually' Fans: Natalie And David Are Still Together!


Fans eagerly awaiting the “Love Actually” mini-sequel will be delighted to hear that one of the couples from everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) rom-com is, actually, still together.

The reunion film was set into motion especially for Red Nose Day, a British charity event that occurs every two years to support the work of Comic Relief. “Love Actually” director Richard Curtis co-founded the organization in 1985, and announced plans for the short film last month in honor of this year’s charity event.

Red Nose Day director Emma Freud has been sharing tweets from the filming of the mini-sequel, which is set to air during a telethon on the BBC on March 24. She tweeted that Sunday was a big filming day, and she did not oversell:

Turns out Hugh Grant’s character, David, is still the prime minister. And he’s still with Martine McCutcheon’s character, Natalie. And now they are married. Cue the dance moves:

The 10-minute mini-sequel will air in the U.S. on May 25 on NBC. For more updates about the reunion filming, follow Freud on Twitter.

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