We Now Know What Happened To Emma Thompson And Alan Rickman's Characters From 'Love Actually'

It's the Christmas present that keeps on giving.

In between never-ending debates over whether it's a delightful modern classic or dreadful tripe, "Love Actually" has become the Christmas movie that won't quit. So don't blame its creative forces if they just can't let this one go.

A few weeks after we learned a lesbian storyline was left on the cutting-room floor, here's the latest from the "Love Actually" Files: If you've wondered what happened to one of the film's sadder couples, Karen (Emma Thompson) and Harry (Alan Rickman), you now have an answer. In case you don't remember (c'mon, you remember!), Harry is the one who flirts with his assistant, even buying her expensive jewelry, while Karen's heartbreak unfolds to the melancholia of Joni Mitchell. They appear to rekindle half-heartedly at the end of the film, but what came of their relationship after the final frame?

"Love Actually" had a midnight screening over the weekend with writer-director Richard Curtis and his longtime partner Emma Freud, who served as script editor on the project, in attendance. Freud live-tweeted the event and answered fans' questions, including two that elicited rather depressing information about Karen and Harry.

OK there. It's nothing we couldn't have surmised from the way Karen tentatively tells Harry, "Good to have you back" upon his arrival at the airport. Still, we apologize to any "Love Actually" obsessives who are weeping for this dampened romance. Love, actually, is sometimes a pile of garbage, namely when it causes Emma Thompson to weep.


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