Relationship Advice: Mix With People Whose Relationships Work

No man is an island and often people go through life transformations in groups. People move in waves, and if your friends are meeting partners, then that means that you are in the ebb and flow of meeting someone special, too. You see it all the time with groups of friends: one friend in a group gets married and then it seems like everyone else ties the knot as well. Likewise, when
one friend has kids, the others probably aren't too far behind.

With that wave effect in mind, if you are looking to be in a great relationship, then mix with people who are already in great partnerships so that it rubs off on you. Take stock of how happy your friends are. If you are around a lot of people who are in dysfunctional partnerships, then you need to be careful that you don't attract the same dynamic as well. If you notice that this is the case, then you might want to spend some more time with people who are in the kind of relationship that you wish to emulate.

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