'Love and Hip Hop''s Gay Storyline Sparks Round Table Discussion


I must admit, I have never been a fan of VH1's, Love and Hip Hop franchise, mostly because it's negative depiction of African-Americans and the ridiculous amount of weave pulling. However, I have caught up on this season's episodes once I'd been told that there would be a storyline around the relationship between two men. Miles, a rapper, and his boyfriend, Milan, allow the cameras into their lives this season, exposing the complexities of having a secret gay relationship within the world of Hip Hop.

It's not an easy thing to watch -- a man expose his deepest secret to a world that he is unsure will embrace him. I think both Miles and Milan are supremely brave. Their story has now sparked a much needed conversation. VH1 has opted to facilitate a round table discussion, so we can talk about this openly.

The panelists will include Cakes Da Killa and Fly Young Red, both openly gay rappers who have created some buzz, but have yet to garner mainstream success. They will be joined by cast members, pastors, and other notable figures in Hip Hop, including DMC. You can find the full list of panelists, RIGHT HERE .

I am hoping that within this hour, there will be an honest conversation around the less than desirable reality of the current state of Hip Hop and how that impacts LGBTQ lives on a daily basis. Moreover, I am expecting some suggested solutions and call-to-actions from the Hip Hop community to promote inclusion and celebration of everyone's talent and accomplishments regardless of their sexuality. We deserve better than another empty discussion without next steps. We shall see....

I will be tweeting during the discussion. You can follow me at i_am_donovan on instagram and twitter.