HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: Inside New York's Chemistry Sex Party

A young woman lying across three men on a bed
A young woman lying across three men on a bed

When most people go out to a club on a Saturday night, they usually have a few drinks, dance with their friends and if they're looking -- and lucky -- maybe find someone to bring home with them when the lights come on. But for some people, there's no need to wait to get it on with the folks they meet at the club -- they simply have sex right then and there.

That's right: On any given night people are meeting around the world in bars, clubs and warehouses to have sex.

Even though sex parties have been featured in films and television shows, it's hard to know what's real and what's just Hollywood's imagination running wild and many people are probably wondering who actually attends these get togethers and what really goes on there.

In this episode of the HuffPost Love + Sex Podcast, co-hosts Carina Kolodny and Noah Michelson discover a sex party called Chemistry, which takes place several times a year in New York City. Chemistry is an exclusive event that requires participants to fill out a questionnaire about their interests and feelings about sex and sexuality before being approved to join in the fun. The party regularly draws close to 200 people who come together for a sensual experience that involves music, food, theatrical performances like burlesque dancing and even knife throwing and -- oh yeah -- sex.

In the podcast, Kolodny and Michelson chat with Chemistry's co-founder, Kenny Blunt, and then go behind Chemistry's velvet rope to meet the people who attend this sex party and find out why they do and what it means for their relationships. They also chat with Diana Adams, an attorney and family mediator supporting nontraditional family structures including many polyamorous families, and who is currently working on a film, Monogamish, to learn about the potential legal concerns of producing and attending a party like Chemistry.

So come find out what happens at a sex party without having to leave your own home:

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