Love And War : James Carville And Mary Matalin Open Up To Vogue About New Memoir

James Carville and Mary Matalin are providing an inside look at a marriage with dueling political views in their new memoir Love and War: Twenty Years, Three Presidents, Two Daughters And One Louisiana Home.

In the book, the two open up about how to stay happy together while falling on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Carville, a staunch Democrat, and Matalin, a GOP consultant, have been happily married since 1993.

In an interview with Vogue, online Thursday and on newsstands December 23, Carville and Matalin opened up about the book and shared exclusive excerpts from the memoir.

Below, an image of the couple featured in Vogue (story continues below):

love and war
(Photo: Norman Jean Roy/Vogue)

"Before I could even read, I would seek out copies of Vogue at libraries (no one could afford their own copy) and savor each page, transported to a world of beauty and romance and dedication to the smallest detail of perfection; these many years later, sharing that same experience with my own girls is still my favorite fairytale," Matalin told Vogue.

Carville was equally as excited to open up to the magazine about the book.

"If you play football you want to play in the Super Bowl, if you're a movie star you want to win an academy award, and if you're doing a photo shoot you want to do it with Vogue," Carville said.

(Photo: Vogue)



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