Love at First Sight: Leveraging Emojis and Animations to Woo Your Contacts

As Valentine's Day approaches, single folks everywhere are scrambling to secure a special someone to spend their day with. Many have been admiring someone from afar but need help making the move from secret admirer to Valentine. They're hopeful that they can use their moves to lock in a Valentine's date and foster a long-term relationship with their love interest.

For email marketers, looking for new customers and contacts can feel a lot like looking for love. You want to make a good first impression, fear saying the wrong thing, and hope your every move will keep the target of your pursuits interested and coming back for more. Like a box of chocolates or bouquet of roses, subject line emojis and animations can be endearing tactics to help you land the perfect date and build a lasting relationship.

As you're courting your contacts, consider these email marketing tips to win them over and make a match that will last through Valentine's Day and beyond:

Avoid cheesy pick-up lines
You don't have to be a poet to know that "Roses are red, violets are blue" is not a winning opening line. Cheesy valentines are more likely to make your crush -- and your customers -- run in the opposite direction, and subject lines are no different. A wink can be as eye-catching in email as in everyday life, so incorporate emojis to make your message stand out in a crowded inbox. Grab your contacts' attention with a catchy but classy "pick-up" subject line that will make them swoon and click to open, and your relationship will be off to a good start.

Make a good first impression
As the saying goes, your first impression could be your last one, so make it count. Not every email provider supports animated GIFs, so the first frame of an animation may be the only one your customer sees. Choose your first frame as carefully as you would pick out an outfit for your first date to make sure your customers' eyes are locked on you. And feel free to ask friends for feedback -- A/B split testing can give you accurate results and a better sense of what to expect when your date finally arrives to pick you up.

Make a strong connection
When adding GIF animation to an email, enhance the connection by linking it back to longer-form content like a YouTube video. If your customer feels the spark, they'll be eager to learn more about you and continue the conversation. Connect to additional content to keep the flame burning and create a smooth transition into a second date.

Don't overdo it
Animations can be fun and engaging, but too much of a good thing can quickly turn bad. Unless you're a contestant on The Bachelor, no one expects to receive a rose after every date. Like flowers, save animations for selective occasions when your actions can add power to your words and bring your brand to life. Your romantic gestures will be seen as more meaningful and will be more likely to have their desired effect.

Subject lines and animations can be strong tactics to help you build relationships with your customers, but be sure not to lose your romantic spark. Remember the tips above to keep your customers' long-term love.