Love Bites

It was a full moon and it was his birthday and he had to go out. Later, on his way home he met a dusty cat. He stopped and the cat stepped gingerly over. They mewled to each other. He took one step toward his home and the cat cotillioned around his ankles at every footstep so that he had to stop and then sidestep the cat so as not to trip over it. ....Such is ..... the feline-lupine seduction.

We mortals work tirelessly for science and answers on a cosmic scale from macro to micro. And then old wives tales nip us on the neck and superstitions draw blood.

The cat followed him home and he provided a bowl of water and crumbles of Manchego.

The cat positioned itself by the open French doors with its tail across the threshold. Sphinx-like and licking a white bib under the moonlight-silver streaking through the Banyan trees.

He took to his armchair with a book and tumbled into a story, effortlessly falling through the cosmic tear of fiction.

When..... awakening.... he was not sure of anything except a pain at his neck. Like a bruise but from the inside. He went to the mirror to examine and saw it was a bruise on the outside, in fact it was a bite mark. A human bite mark. He flipped on the overhead light. Closer still to the mirror what had looked like teeth indentation spelled out 'Volim te', Serbian for 'I love you'.

The truth of course was the bite occurred long ago. Vampire DNA. Born that way. Even if the dusty cat had nibbled at his neck while he slept. Was the dormant trait ignited by the cat's nip?

When he landed at Miami International he was forced to sign his name to questions such as if he had more than $10,000 in cash? Fruit, flowers or seeds amongst his possessions? Had he visited a cattle farm or touched a person stricken with ebola? But nowhere was he asked about proximity to vampires. Meanwhile he had the love bite to prove it and it ached.