Love Conquers All.

Love Conquers All.
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The purity and essence of love, the ultimate energy on this planet that we get to experience and share and grow through conquers all. Every religion, each culture and ultimately each species can be peeled back layer by layer to its core of love.

Of course, it’s universal.

We cannot let what Dr.Martin Luther King Junior said fade into the past.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only LOVE can do that.”

In times of uncertainty the lightworkers must step forward. That is you. Bring your light into each moment, with each person, each day. With your children, your partner, your neighbor, your family, your friends, strangers, the cashier, the waiter, your team. Each fraction of loving energy you bring out into the world matters. It matters more than anything.

Our time together is always fleeting.

We must remember the gift of awareness we have as humans to embrace the magnificence of love. What an honor it is to step into this consciousness and intentionally contribute to the energy of the world. It’s simple, it’s profound and it matters the most.

Whatever may be troubling you, taking up some of your beautiful energy or distracting you from the joy of the present moment; I ask you to close your eyes and take note only of your breath until everything else fades.

You are love. Love conquers all.

Take joy in being responsible for the energy you bring into every space you enter.

Conquer all moments with love. It’s contagious, intentionally pass it on.

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