The Cute Food Ritual That Keeps This Couple Together

Pizza is a many-splendored thing. And for one Los Angeles couple, it's also the very thing that keeps their marriage together.

Tina Sugandh and Tarz Ludwigsen, who starred on the Bravo reality show "Newlyweds: The First Year", stopped by HuffPost Live on Friday to discuss their love contract -- a legal document that establishes ground rules about how partners will behave within the relationship. One of their most important tenets? Pizza Fridays.

Article 4.4 of the contract states that they will continue having a "pizza picnic" at home every Friday night. Additionally, both parties "agree to keep this time free from all phone calls and other interruptions. No friends or business colleagues will be invited to Pizza Fridays."

In the interview, Sugandh explained to host Ricky Camilleri why they take this lighthearted tradition so seriously.

"It's very very easy to say, 'Oh, I want to hang out with my sister. She's having a thing on Friday night.' Or 'My dad's going to pop by on Friday night,'" she said. "But if you don't save one little time slot a week for your husband, how do you bond? You need time to talk about your week and get it all out."

For more on Sugandh and Ludwigsen's relationship contract, watch the video above. Then, head here to watch the full segment.

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