'Love & Hip Hop': Yandy Has 48 Hours To Produce Vampire Rave, Music Video (VIDEO)

'Love & Hip Hop': Producing Rave And Video In 48 Hours

Nobody seemed more surprised by the seeming breakout success of "Vampire Life: We Own the Night" than rapper Jim Jones himself. Not wanting to ignore the momentum his single was seeing, Jones tasked Yandy Smith with putting together a Vampire Life Rave and video shoot for the single on "Love & Hip Hop" (Mon., 8PM ET on VH1).

First, though, he had to explain to her what a rave was. "White people always do these types of parties," he said. "Big open spot, 2-3,000 kids. They fist pumping 'til they arm fall off." Sounds easy enough? But then he told her he needed this in two days.

Forty-eight hours later, Jones was on stage performing in front of the camera at his Vampire Life Rave. Smith had come through for him big time under the pressure.

"48 hours, I got the job done. How about that?" she crowed in delight. "In yo' face!"

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