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Love in a Bubble

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We create love. It doesn't just happen. It starts in the imagination and works its way out through our fingers and arms and even our toes. Manifests itself in words and internal emotions that feel warm and alive. When we surrender our heart to our mate, we bring all our deepest feelings of care and tenderness and feed them to the soul of our life partner and best friend.

Take a moment and imagine creating a magical space where you take and put in motion all the ways you love each other and share life experiences together. Imagine living with your life partner in a bubble. Yes, a bubble. A place to live, dine and breathe with the one you love. A spiritual and emotional geography you inhabit and protect with all your might, because your connection and bond with your lover must be guarded, nurtured and honored.

In the bubble, the "Love Bubble," you create transparency, excitement and often just hang out. In the bubble, love grows like a garden, watered by your best presence and all the ways you build passion into your journey together. And passion that roots itself in the best sex, the most tender affection and in abiding respect for the individuality of your spouse.

What would happen inside your bubble? What would you hope to create in your experience with your lover, reserved only for him or her? As you float through the air in life's journey and look below at those who choose to live side by side in huge, immovable boxes, rejoice that your home reaches the heavens, flirts with the clouds and never anchors in one place for very long.

What kind of deep love and connection happens inside this bubble, "Love Bubble?" We have some thoughts.

1. Protected Love. Remember, only the two of you know the way inside your bubble. A secret passage where two hearts meet and bring tenderness and joy. Imagine holding hands and finding your way in. How did you get there? What are all the ways you say to your lover, "Let's go inside our special place and spend time together growing our love?" Every time you go on a special date together and say to him or her, "I love you and want time with you," you have stepped into your special bubble and connected. Each time you hold hands, give hugs, get naked and share passion, you step into this sacred place and join heart and soul. And the bubble is a protected space. Only the two of you are allowed in and only you create magic inside.

2. Committed Passion. In the bubble, passion grows. You desire to be with each other, spend time-sharing intimate, emotional space and get naked. No one sees inside the bubble because no one knows how to get there but you. So how does passion grow? You commit to reaching out sexually and bringing joy to one another's bodies through touch and tender words. You grow excitement in the kitchen. Remember, intimacy can happen without orgasm and with our clothes on. And at times you rip your clothes off and touch and poke till you pop (don't worry, it won't pop the bubble). And you talk to each other with deep respect and you listen. Really listen -- without waiting for your turn to talk.

3. Walking the walk, Talking the talk. Love grows when we bring action to the bubble. Words, gestures, behaviors that say "I love you" and "I love being here with you in our bubble." When we commit ourselves to rocking the world of our mate every day if possible. And no excuses. Like, "I forgot to reach out" or "Just can't seem to remember to say 'I love you.'" Be bold and love courageously, often and thoughtfully.

All this may sound a bit unusual -- discussing love as if we could deepen your connection by living in a special place called a bubble. Yet most of us are guilty of resigning ourselves to ordinary living, where we get busy with life and use that as an excuse to be mindless, to give little real thought to how we love and at times to blame our spouse for the emotional and sexual desert we seem to live in.

On the other hand, if you create a special life together, as if you inhabit a unique abode where you grow love much like a greenhouse grows exotic plants and flowers, what might you come up with? Perhaps a way of loving that knocks your mate off their feet. That sends the powerful message that says "I love only you" and will spend my life proving it! That says "Come join me in the bubble" and we will find our way to true love, exciting sexual passion and a soul that feeds off lasting memories you create together!

So find your way in -- holding hands together.
Soar to the highest heights.
Grow passion, excitement and tenderness. With and without your clothes.
Change your love address to "Bubble Way." Never move.
Never look back.

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