Love in New York City

New York City... the place I've called home all my life. Doesn't matter how many times I've gone overseas to visit relatives or gone on vacation, NYC has always been my final destination. As I get older though, I hear it and see it more clearly.

For one of the loudest and busiest cities of the world, it sure is lonely. People get so anxious and hostile trying to make it all happen here that even though we all find ourselves pushing each other out of the way on the streets and on subways, we really don't look at each other or even know each other... After spending entire days working and rushing to get home, I've begun to realize it's not really home now, is it?

Not having the happiness of sharing these crazy days and long hours with someone, almost makes it seem worthless. To me, home isn't a place... Home is a feeling you find in someone. Because the truth is... you can be anyplace in the world, living as simple as you can, and still feel like you have all the riches in the world when you have a reason to come home -- because you're not just coming home... you're coming home to someone.

I honestly don't think that this generation understands much about that since they spend much time alone. They are sadly the victims of what I like to call "digital love" -- I'll get to that topic on another day, but what I've seen from people today is their lack of desire. Sure, they have a desire to succeed and reach the top, but in the end there is a certain pride in saying they are doing for themselves. And life as beautiful as it is, success as proud as it is, and recognition as honorable as it is, all mean absolutely nothing if you don't have someone to share it all with.

"FAME" is a four letter word... just like "LOVE" and "HOME." The thing is, if you have it, what are you going to do with it? Because when you love, you wake up for someone. You work for someone. You succeed for someone. You want to be better for someone. It brings out the best in you. Without having that special love, you may as well be in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere... because no matter how bright you shine, nobody sees you. No matter how well you do, you're not sharing it with anyone.

Never fear the chance to love. It is the most beautiful thing.