Love in the Vineyards

02/03/2011 08:05pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017

There's just no place like napa when it comes to a lover's getaway - a decadent little corner of the world that caters to passion enthusiasts everyday - is the only place to spend your love-laden valentine holiday. With the endless eateries to tuck into - bottomless wine tastings begging for your review - not to mention, home to lover's lane [aka Champagne Avenue.] This destination of dreams bolsters the most indulgent of love fests - beckoning you to bring out the big guns including such items with a just a pinch of burlesque! Late nights out translate to even later nights in - fabulous romps with your suitor whilst listening to jazz violin. And while you sit in bed and feed each other haute bon bons - you can reminisce of your evening where you lit up the Swanson Vineyards tasting salon! You'll want to capture the whole thing from the very start to the very end - leaving out not a single juicy morsel with which you can later brag about and thus recommend. So there, it's settled you're off to napa valley - you best confirm those eligible reservations, don't dilly-dally!

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