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Love is a Decision

Most of my life I was under the delusion that love was a feeling, something that was going to happen to me.
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Love is not a feeling, love is a decision you make and continue to make in order to create an experience that is described as love. Love is an action that if you don't use you will lose. Love is like any communication, if you never send it out, you won't get a return. Love is something do, not something you feel because something happens to you.

Most of my life I was under the delusion that love was a feeling, something that was going to happen to me. Love is not something that happens to you but something that you make happen to you and happen to others. Love is something that grows from your actions and decisions and if you don't have love and/or not experiencing love, then there is something you don't know about love! I spent most of my adult life waiting for love to happen to me and after one failed marriage and endless searching for "the right person" I finally realized the truth about love, how to have it, how to create it and how to sustain it.

Wikipedia states love as an experience related to a strong sense of affection. Affection is a "disposition or state of mind or body" that is often associated with a feeling or type of love. This suggests that you do something rather than have something done to you.

How do you feel affection for anything? You would actually decide to show it love, admire it, pay attention to it, treat it right, honor it, praise it, and find the good in it. At which point you will then have affection for it. Mistreat it, lie to it, and ignore it and I assure you that you will not feel affection for it nor will you ever say you love it.

Love is a probably the single most universally desired human quality that exist on this planet. Love is not something you can buy or barter, it is not taught at school, it doesn't matter how rich you are, your IQ, race, creed, religion, social economic status or who you know. So on this Valentine's Day practice making a decision to love and then following that decision up with loving actions and admiration. Remember, love is not a feeling, love is a decision followed by action.

Happy Valentines Day