'Love Is A Dream' With Jan Hooks And Phil Hartman Is The Perfect Way To Remember Them Both

If You've Never Seen This, Get Ready To Cry

There have been handful of times when "Saturday Night Live" made us cry instead of laugh, and those moments stand out as some of the most special in the show's 40-year history.

There was Kristen Wiig's emotional send-off featuring Arcade Fire and the entire cast, and Steve Martin's unforgettable tribute to Gilda Radner when he hosted the day after her death (which, of course, made us laugh as well), to name just two.

If you remember the short film "Love Is A Dream" from Season 14, you might recall it bringing a tear to your eye along with a huge smile. After the death of Jan Hooks, the tender scene with the late Phil Hartman is a full-on tearjerker.

That said, we can't really think of a better way to remember them.

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