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Love Is a Function of Awareness

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During the course of human history, the word "love" has often been used to signify a state of feeling -- an emotion evoked by another person which overwhelms the heart. The romantic concept of "falling in love" is written into numerous novels painting an unrealistic and rosy model of what we believe to be love.

Most of us tend to think that love is something we find by happenstance, through the agency of others. From an early age we learn to set our compass to seek "out there" looking to find what or who may excite our chemistry. But is love strictly an emotion that someone else causes us to feel? Or could we be setting ourselves up for inevitable failure by looking only to others for fulfillment?

In the last few decades the word "love" has been downgraded to the "like" button on Facebook. For all general purposes love has lost its luster. We more readily associate love with a smart phone, designer jeans, our favorite sports team, food, pets and things for which we have a strong preference for, than believing that we can find within ourselves the root of this emotion.

Is it possible that we have never understood the meaning of what love really is? If we contextualize love as an emotion, then it would be justifiable that in the absence of any emotion, love simply does not exist. We tend to undermine our response-ability to be fully present in a state of love. In the words of my friend Gary Bean "love is a function of awareness." The dictionary definition of "function" is: A factor related to or dependent of other factors." By this definition one could also argue that awareness is a function of love. Let's for a moment turn to different perspective to better understand this dynamic relationship.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has studied crystalized water for over a decade. In his research, he found that water takes on the "resonance" of the energy directed at it. In other words, human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. He affixed labels with different words over bottles such as "chi of love," "thank you," "You make me sick, I will kill you." Each water sample tagged with a positive emotion took on its own complex appearance, while the negatively labeled samples got distorted. Dr. Emoto concluded that thought or "intent" was the driving force because everything in the universe, including thought, is vibration.

Taking into account that in our human reality resonance begins with thought, then the awareness of our thoughts would be vital to produce and augment the positive vibration we understand as love. Viewed through this lens, the delicate, inseparable and interchangeable dance between love and awareness begins to make sense.

Last week I conducted a second interview with Carla L. Rueckert, channel for The Law of One. Our discussion revolved around the following channeled quote:

I am Ra. We grasp from this question that you realize that the primary mechanism for catalytic experience in third-density is other-self. The list of other catalytic influences: firstly, the Creator's universe; secondly the self. (Book 2, 33:14, page 49)

In this interview, Carla and I explored catalytic experiences in our own lives. How we each deal with this ever-changing interplay of love and awareness, and how we create a shift in ourselves affecting our own vibration. We both agreed that the choice to love another or even oneself is birthed during some of the most challenging experiences. Though these experiences may literally rock our world, they also cradle our awareness and deepen our understanding of love. At its very core, love is best described as energy, the source from which all things arise. It is no surprise its effects are so far reaching.

Awakening and mastering the mechanism by which we rise into this energy, or "state of love" is the "why" to life. At the center of our essence we exist solely for this purpose.

Isn't it wonderful that we don't have to go at it alone? The universe is there to team up with us. It's like playing chess: We move and life moves, aiding us to advance across the board. The choice is ours. Shifting into any "state" is as easy as saying "Yes" to the many issues we encounter day after day. We have the ability to open the "heart valve" by repeatedly choosing and becoming aware of our deepest intentions. At times our true intentions may be obscure to the conscious mind. Choice gives us the "how," which fuels courage. Courage then pierces through any wall of resistance.

Resistance is nothing more than a gauge: the element designed to test and measures our courage and strength. The better we get at moving past a "no" the easier it gets to open the "heart valve," allowing us to be real. It is only through poking our head into the lion's den that we find out what we're made of. This has been well documented by Dr. Brené Brown in her research studies.

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable but they're never weakness. -- Brené Brown

You may ask yourself "How do I refine my awareness?" By looking at anything in a manner similar to that reflected by Norman Rockwell in his "Triple Self-Portrait." The objective is to uncover "the observer" within us, the one aspect that allows us to fully see our "self" through the mirror of our mind. The observer teaches us to see not who we think we are or how we bolster ourselves to be, but who or more accurately "what" we are.

We are energy at its finest. The journey into awareness is not a process of badgering or criticism. We give far too much credence to the "voice in the head," what I call the "pirates" -- the hijackers of our inner peace. This is about forgiveness and kindness to self for the times when we could not see all there was there to see. Eckhart Tolle said it candidly: "What a liberation to realize that the 'voice in my head' is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that."

In the end, awareness reciprocates by delivering us to the everlasting fountain we call "love" with a resounding "yes."