'Love Is Blind' Star Giannina Gibelli Says She's 'Single' In Wake Of Reunion Drama

The star was apparently still dating Damian Powers when he showed up to the “Love Is Blind: After the Altar” reunion special with another woman.

“Love Is Blind” star Giannina Gibelli says she and former beau Damian Powers are officially over.

Gibelli appeared on E!’s “Nightly Pop” on Monday and shared an update on her and Powers after the events viewers saw during the “Love Is Blind: After the Altar” reunion special.

The special, which began streaming on Netflix in late July, checked in on the couples who got together back in 2018 during the first season of “Love Is Blind.” Fans of the show will remember that Gibelli was slated to marry Powers, got to the altar, said “I do,” and was met with an “I don’t.”

Gibelli subsequently left the altar, leading many to believe that she and Powers were over.

The couple reportedly made amends after their failed wedding and had been dating for more than two years when the reunion special began filming last fall. During the reunion special, Gibelli says that the pair are still an item — but Powers invites another woman to the reunion party for all of the “Love Is Blind” stars.

The woman, Francesca Farago — another Netflix alum and star of “Too Hot To Handle” — ultimately gets in a spat with Gibelli. Gibelli tells Farago that Powers is her man and that she shouldn’t mess with her.

Asked about that exchange, Gibelli admits she was “completely caught off guard” by Farago’s appearance at the party and added: “Yeah, I didn’t appreciate that at all.”

On both “Nightly Pop” and again later in an interview with ET Online, Gibelli confirmed that she’s “officially single” and shared that she and Powers “haven’t been dating for a couple of months now.”

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli attend a "Love Is Blind" screening and reception at City Winery on Feb. 27, 2020, in Atlan
Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli attend a "Love Is Blind" screening and reception at City Winery on Feb. 27, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I’ve moved on. I feel really, really good. I’m definitely at a really good place in my life,” she shared with ET Online, going on to say that it’s the “first time in like three years I feel like I don’t have to keep some sort of my life private anymore.” 

Gibelli said she and Powers had to be “under wraps about everything.”

“I was still trying to figure out, how does my life look without him in it? It’s been a long time but I feel really good. I’ve processed it all. I’m such at peace,” she said.

As for Farago, Gibelli also apparently reached out to her after the reunion special in an effort to clear the air.

“I did DM her and say like, ‘Hey, hope all is well.’ Like, ‘Hope all is well and good luck,’” Gibelli told Insider this week. “I don’t like having bad energy out there. I’m very karmic like that. So I was like, ‘Let’s just call it what it is and move on,’ because I’ve definitely moved on. To me, DMing her was really me accepting that I’ve moved on so much that it doesn’t even bother me.”