'Love Is Blind' Is Back With More Couples, Lots Of Love And Just The Right Amount Of Mess

The pods are open in Season 6 of Netflix's popular dating reality show.
Two cast members in the pods on Season 6 of "Love Is Blind."
Two cast members in the pods on Season 6 of "Love Is Blind."

“Love Is Blind” is back, and this time the pods are open in Charlotte, North Carolina, for singles to find their match and get engaged before getting even a glimpse of their partner.

Netflix dropped six episodes for Season 6 on Wednesday, taking audiences all the way from the pods through the first night of the honeymoons in the Dominican Republic.

The dating reality series has come under fire in recent seasons, as former cast members have sued Netflix for what they say are poor working conditions.

In January, Season 5 cast member Renee Poche filed a lawsuit against Netflix and the show’s production company Delirium TV, alleging that they engaged in “unlawful employment practices,” “unfair competition” and “intentional infliction of emotional distress.” In 2022, Season 2 contestant Jeremy Hartwell accused Netflix of violating labor laws by keeping the cast intoxicated but not providing enough food or water.

That hasn’t stopped the streamer from pumping out new seasons of “Love Is Blind.” (Season 7 was confirmed last year.)

HuffPost reporters and editors chatted about the pod episodes and offered their unfiltered thoughts about this new batch of cast members. Stay tuned for updates.


A 'Love Is Blind' Contestant Thinks She Looks Like Megan Fox

There’s a moment when Jimmy accidentally says Jessica’s name when he meant to say “Chelsea” right before meeting her for the first time. This made me laugh so much! Like, clearly this man has no clue what he’s doing. — Erin

Can I be honest? I’m here for this train wreck of an engagement they’re about to embark on. I can’t wait to watch it unfold. This is giving TLC, WeTV quality reality TV storyline. Straight trash.

I’m convinced Jessica put a curse on that man when they ended things. She said “You’re gonna be sick when you see me.” I can’t wait. I’m ecstatic. I’m ready to see these two delusional-ass people lie to themselves until it becomes a huge argument. They honestly deserve each other, and we deserve this kind of TV. — Taryn

YESSS, it’s giving TLC and I love TLC. I’m really excited to watch this play out. Also, I do get how some people tell Chelsea she looks like Megan Fox — like, I see the similarities — but clearly she doesn’t actually look like Megan Fox. Jimmy brought up her lying about the Megan Fox thing in a confessional after meeting her and it’s 100000% why he chose her. This whole engagement is going to be a disaster and I’m here for it. — Cambria

Not to mention their reveal was super awkward. Chelsea freaking out and then running to Jimmy while panting like a dog must have been a huge turn-on for Jimmy. Plus she told him “I’m so sweaty” at least three times during their reveal. So sexy. Jimmy, for his part, was very obviously disappointed that Chelsea “lied” to him about looking like Megan Fox, because he mentions it. He then tells Chelsea over and over that she’s “gorgeous” like he’s trying to convince himself of it. Chelsea did notice Jimmy’s low energy, and she’s going to be disappointed when he doesn’t live up to her Disney-esque expectations of romance. — Elyse

Clay Said 1 Word Over And Over On 'Love Is Blind' — And It Was Too Much

Take a shot every time Clay calls AD “baby” during their first meeting, and you’ll be wasted. This started to drive me NUTS, and I counted him calling her “baby” a zillion times during that meeting. He’d call her it quite a bit in the pods, but woo boy, that first meeting, it was too much. Maybe it’s a nervous tic or something, but it really got on my nerves. — Cambria

It felt like when Mariah the Scientist and Young Thug’s conversation from prison was leaked and she was like “Daddy, am I your baby” while burping. It felt cringe, but also like I shouldn’t be in their business like that. — Taryn

LMAOOOOOO. Taryn, I’m screaming. It’s also weird to hear someone say “baby” so forcefully. Like, I hear “babe” and “bae” all the time now that something about that extra syllable seems harsh. IDK! — Erin

We Need To Keep An Eye On This 'Love Is Blind' Cast Member

So, I put in my notes that we need to watch Laura. She inserted herself in the middle of the Jessica-Jimmy-Chelsea connection by telling Jessica she should leave the experiment. This was right after Chelsea told a few of the women that Jimmy said she loved her. She was trying to be a good friend to Jessica — which I get and appreciate — but then it was like she was only half telling her the story, putting Jessica in a weird spot. In this case, on this experiment, Laura needs to learn to mind her business! — Erin

Kind of off topic, but about Laura. Wasn’t she the one who had the weird boy-luring tactic of aggressively staring at men at bars until they approached her? After she revealed that tidbit, I was like, yeah, this girl is about DRAMA. — Elyse

Laura is messy. She likes to kick up shit and run away. Something’s off. — Taryn

Heavy on all of this. All I can give Laura? A bombastic side-eye. — Ruth

Matthew From 'Love Is Blind' Thinks America Is On His Side

I was so happy to see Matthew leave, and I can’t believe how much audacity he has to believe that all of America would be on his side. No, Matthew, we are not on your side! You are childish and need help. I hope he’s embarrassed when he watches this back. — Erin

Yeah there is no way America is on his side. LOL. I doubt he’s embarrassed, because he is sociopathic and narcissistic. He was giving Uche vibes from last season. — Cambria

I’m sure Matthew is fine. He probably licked his wounds by going home, putting on some non-lyrical music and eating his last victim’s liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. — Elyse

I’m screaming, Elyse!!! — Cambria

This guy is the worst. Talking about “America loves a good underdog story.” Like, sir. Get a grip and go home with dignity, because you look sorry as hell right now. And don’t go chasing Amber, that girl does not want you. — Taryn

When Matt said that? It confirmed everything. I remember audibly saying “BIG yikes!” Because why was “America’s opinion” something you thought about when searching for your partner? First, you walk into the pods saying that you’re not trying to be an influencer, then you say something like that… OK, Matt. AD dodged a bullet. — Ruth

If A Yawn Were A Person, It Would Be This 'Love Is Blind' Cast Member

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about Kenneth and Brittany. They’ve definitely connected on their faith in the pods, which is nice to see. Also, it was funny to hear Brittany guess how Kenneth might look. His deep voice gave her an idea of his stature that was pretty spot on. But other than that, I don’t know what to think of this couple. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. — Erin

If a yawn were a person, it would be Kenneth. I find him to be so boring with no personality, and it gets worse outside of the pods. She seems bubbly and fun and so I get how opposites might attract, but yikes — not sure how this is going to play out. — Cambria

OK, I kind of liked these two Christian cuties. Boring? Sure. But at first they seemed to have the same values, and that’s important in a relationship. Too bad Kenneth isn’t really being authentic in the pods. — Elyse

They got engaged and I said, “Girl, I guess.” I don’t really have any predictions about this couple and I didn’t really get a good read on their chemistry outside of their talk about faith. We’ll see, chile. — Taryn

Shoutout To Amber For Leaving When She Had Enough

Shoutout to Amber, who just straight up leaves the experiment after realizing that Matthew was spitting the same lines to her as he was to AD. We love a woman who is like “Nah, I’m not dealing with this.” I would LOVE to pay close attention to what she posts on social media after the first few episodes air. — Erin

Good for her! — Taryn

A 'Love Is Blind' Cast Member Bragged About Being A 'Patriot' — And It Was Cringe

I spat my drink out when Sarah Ann proudly said “I’m a huge patriot.” Like WTF? I immediately thought of the flag guy last season. I don’t remember his name. But girl, do you know most of America is going to see this show? She’s got guts, I’ll say that, to go on national TV in this political climate and talk about being anti-abortion except in cases of rape or incest. I wonder if they cut the politics conversations out of most seasons? I feel like we don’t usually see this part, but I’d imagine they discuss it in the pods. I wonder what made them leave her views in compared to past contestants. — Cambria

Too much patriotism is always a red flag for me. — Erin

Haha, she looks a bit like Miley Cyrus — so maybe that’s why she wants a bad political party in the USA. (Sorry.) — Elyse

Amy And Johnny Are A Boring 'Love Is Blind' Couple — But They'll Probably Go The Distance

OK, so I like Amy and Johnny. They’re both kind of yawn, and Johnny feels way too comfortable just busting out into song around her, but she seems OK with that, so good for them!

Anyway, these two seem to have a healthy relationship, which doesn’t make for great TV, but makes for a good connection. Best of luck to these two dorks! Hope they go to the Studio Ghibli museum in Japan for their real honeymoon! — Elyse

These two are in love love. It’s cute. I think they’ll go the distance. — Taryn

Yeah, I’m predicting these two will 100% go all the way and are still together! — Cambria

So, I actually think a healthy relationship makes for better TV, because the love bombing and trauma dumping irk the hell out of me as a viewer. Tiffany & Brett and Lauren & Cam were fan favorites for a reason! Like, yes, reality TV thrives on contrived drama, but I’m the type to close my eyes instead of watching a train wreck. I’m really rooting for these two kids! — Ruth

Jeramey and Sarah Ann's Connection Seemed To Be A Snooze

Zzzzzz, Hawaiian shirts, MAGA, ZzzzZZzzZ — Elyse

LOL, Elyse. The way I was struggling to think of anything to even say about Jeramey and Sarah Ann in this post. Thank you for communicating my exact feelings. — Erin

OK, because I said “WHO???” — Taryn

This 'Love Is Blind' Couple Is Simply Unserious

I cannot figure out Jeramey’s deal. He seems so unserious. In that same breath, Laura seems to like his playfulness. I’m keeping my eye on them. — Erin

All I can think of when I see Laura and Jeramey interacting is, “How is this nerd going to handle a babe like Laura?” She’s going to walk all over him. — Elyse

I don’t know why I kind of liked Laura’s chaotic energy, and I was into them joking and being playful with one another. But I just have a feeling in my gut that it’s all going to go south and not turn out well. I also just think she’s going to get tired of how unserious he is as a person. — Cambria

The thing is, Laura is also unserious. Like deeply. And she thinks she’s serious, which is the worst kind of unserious person. She really thought she was helping Jessica by cryptically telling her to leave like we’re playing Clue.

Oh right, this is supposed to be about her and Jeramey. Yeah, I really don’t find them interesting. And why does he spell his name that way? — Taryn

Clay Reminds Us Of A Former 'Love Is Blind' Contestant We All Hated

Clay is just Shake with slightly more tact, let’s be real. — Elyse

OK, I think you’re onto something, Elyse.

I enjoyed this moment of vulnerability with Clay, when he talks to another cast mate about his emotions in the process. I think conversations between men to encourage that kind of openness are few and far between. And we need more of that, so they can help themselves and stop terrorizing women so damn much. I was happy to see him lean on another cast mate for that.

The reality is that Clay “wants” to mature, but that ain’t about to happen as much as needed in order to start a healthy marriage on this show. — Taryn

He also seems to be overselling how much he has changed because of this show. Like, I don’t believe him. He needs more people! — Erin

Why Are 'Love Is Blind' Couples Talking About Looks In The Pods?

Whew, this moment pissed me off. Clay basically gives AD an ultimatum: Either AD has to describe how she looks, or he says he’s not willing to propose otherwise. It’s weird that he thought this was OK. The purpose of the show is to fall in love with someone sight unseen. So why does Clay think he can get around that premise? I love that AD was like, ”Nah, I’m not doing that.” She really knows how to stop him in his tracks, even though he still finds ways to act a fool and say ridiculous things. — Erin

I hollered “ARE YOU DAFT?!” Do you not know the show you signed up for? Did you mistake this set for “Love Island” despite the fact you’re in a warehouse and not on a beach? Again, an example of AD being better than me, because after Matthew and Clay showing their asses in a span of hours, I would’ve had to pack my bags. — Taryn

Wait, Clay actually would be perfect for “Love Island USA” and that’s totally the vibe he gives off. He truly went on the wrong show. — Cambria

The scream I just scrumpt, Taryn! “Daft” is perfect to describe his behavior. Candidly, I’m puzzled as to why “LIB” producers don’t interject or prohibit contestants from asking those questions! I also hated how possessive he was of AD, as if the premise of the show isn’t to date multiple people at once. — Ruth

Matthew On 'Love Is Blind' Needs Some Serious Help

Okay, this is when I realized that I would probably fall for a serial killer. At first I was into them and kind of giggling along and thought AD and Matthew were cute? But then it obviously took a real turn with Matthew. I was surprised how nice AD continued to be to him, despite knowing he was telling both her and the other girl the same things word for word. That’s probably mostly because of how manipulative he is. She really dodged a bullet, even though I’m pretty worried Clay is going to break her heart. — Cambria

Cambria, I truly think that him opening up to AD, and telling her how difficult and out of the box this experiment was for him, was genuine. It was also the window that he used to get her guard down (so I might be wrong about it coming from the heart, I don’t know). Matthew was able to sell AD a dream until hell came knocking. That was easy because of how jaded AD is about men in her past and because Clay was on bullshit telling her he wouldn’t propose if he didn’t know what she looked like.

Matthew stuck to his script with her and told AD the same thing he was telling another woman because he seems not to know how to be in relationships with anyone. That man needs some serious help. He evoked AD’s dead father to try to win her over. AD is better than me, because I would’ve cussed him out. — Taryn

I was legit like, nooooo, not AD, one of the few Black female contestants, falling for the stiff man! But then as their convos went on, I was like, oh, wow, he’s opening up; he’s not a robot! That bombshell that Amber brought up — without even knowing AD was also connecting with Matthew — really threw me for a loop. It took me right back to my first feelings about him. He’s got to get outta here! — Erin

I also warmed up to Matthew a bit when he opened up during his pod dates with AD. I also like AD. She’s a bit kooky with her love of ’80s rock, fear of birds, and openness to someone like Matthew. But I felt Matthew got super intense too quickly and began love bombing AD. This is apparent in the pod date where he said he wanted to propose to her on a mountaintop. I think he said something along the lines of “I’ll find your blankie, wrap you up in it, and carry you out of here.” It’s like, OK, buddy, that sounds a lot like kidnapping.

Finding out he said the same things to Amber the next day feels slightly sociopathic as well. LIke, “OK, those love bombing lines worked on one girl, let’s see if THE SAME EXACT LINES work on another girl?” Just 100% ewww all around. — Elyse

Echoing your statement, Erin, I was so nervous about the prospect of AD coupling up with Matthew. I don’t love the idea of a Black woman having to do the labor of coaxing her fiancé to open up to her. This isn’t a Build-A-Boy workshop! Please be a somewhat functioning human prior to signing up for “Love Is Blind.” The lack of emotional intelligence was jarring. — Ruth

This 'Love Is Blind' Couple Is Really Hot — But That's About It

AD and Clay would make a great couple aesthetically. HOWEVER, Clay is exactly the kind of man AD said she was tired of dating. And she’s aware. She admits it on the show. It’s just really wild how their chemistry is overshadowing the red flags that will ultimately show up again in the future. Clay is ego-driven. So when AD came to him sharing how she felt about Matthew playing her, he made it about not wanting to hear about her other connections, when they are literally on a show basically only allowed to date, talk about dating and use the restroom (barely).

Clay has some growing up to do. He doesn’t have the emotional bandwidth AD seems to be looking for. He’s stuck in a college frat boy’s version of masculinity. He wants to mature, I guess, but it’s not clicking. — Taryn

I was screaming at AD to RUN. When she said something like “If a man has red flags, I wear red nails to match,” I felt that so deeply in my soul. I really like AD, and she has this cool personality, is clearly very smart and very beautiful on the inside and out. I hold my breath every time she and Clay are on screen because I think he’s gonna say something crazy. — Erin

I want AD to win and Clay is just NOT it. Their chemistry is out of this world though, like it’s wild. I don’t think I’ve seen any other “Love Is Blind” couple have the same immediate sexual chemistry like they had? It’s definitely putting blinders on AD and I don’t blame her. I’d have them on too! Clay is hot! But I’m worried about her, because I really like her and want better for her. He’s going to break her heart for sure. — Cambria

Clay strikes me as the kind of person who just word-vomits and rambles unfiltered thoughts until he realizes he’s on TV. He then tries to course-correct by reciting some misunderstood therapy-talk he learned on TikTok. — Elyse

OMG spot on, Elyse! — Cambria

[sighs] Alright, so, Clay is objectively very physically attractive. As the “Love Island” contestants would say, “He’s my type on paper.” However, that does not mean he is marriage material. Clay very much gives “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” Cheeky but unserious. Performs confidence, but lacks self-awareness. AD is absolutely stunning, and I pray she doesn’t let his smile cloud her discernment. Physical chemistry is important, but does he have what it takes to be a genuine partner? — Ruth

Matthew Is Giving Us 'American Psycho' Vibes

Matthew reminds me of “American Psycho.” Admittedly, I don’t think having a list of questions to ask going into this nutty experiment is a bad idea. But being so removed from your own emotions that you use said questions in your own methodical way, without considering that you’re talking to a human and not AI, ain’t it.

Matthew is cold and rigid. He uses being a country boy as an excuse not to genuinely connect with anyone on the show, whether that’s the women he’s dating or the other men in the lounge. He’s manipulative. I really can’t see how the producers thought having him on the show would be beneficial for anyone (except ratings, I guess). — Taryn

Taryn, I remember your Patrick Bateman comment before I began watching, and I knew it was Matthew IMMEDIATELY. And yes, the question thing was super weird, but I didn’t blame him for walking out of the pod when Sarah Ann started spouting off long-winded platitudes about cliched ideas about love. I would’ve checked out of that conversation as well! — Elyse

I thought it was kind of funny when Matthew walked out, and like I said, I was falling for his act in the beginning. But as things progressed, along with the fact that all of the guys talked about how weird he was and every interaction with him and the other men in the pods looked uncomfortable… I truly became convinced that man is a serial killer. — Cambria

When we first see Matthew, I immediately was like “Oh my God, get this clown out of there.” It’s people like this — who seem like they’ve never had a natural conversation with anyone ever — who need to stay off this show. It was giving “let me paint by numbers to find someone who might deal with my shit.” Scary! — Erin

A Single Mom Is On 'Love Is Blind' — And It's Long Overdue

I love how Jessica approached her thinking with regard to how to reveal that she is a mother of a 10-year-old daughter. It would have been hard for her to make connections with men if she revealed that straight away. And at least, from watching how it’s presented on the show, she waited for the appropriate time to open up about it. Obviously, Jimmy responded as best as he could once she did reveal it. He seems to be the type to get rattled any time someone tells him something super personal. I knew immediately that he was gonna be someone who was going to get on my nerves when confronted with certain things — and that was proven true immediately after their date, because he could not collect himself when Chelsea told him she was divorced. — Erin

I actually disagree with you, Erin. As someone with an invisible disability, I used to hold back that information and share it once someone got to know me, and it usually got really messy and weird — kind of like what happened with Jimmy and Jessica. I think it’s better to share these important details about your life with a date as soon as possible, because having a kid, or having a disability, is a huge part of your identity and life. If someone reacts badly to it, you know immediately that they’re not the right person for you, and you can move on with your emotions intact. — Elyse

That's a great point. — Erin

Another reason why Jessica is one of my faves this season. She’s smart, she knows what she wants and she is proud of the fact that she’s a mom. I’m honestly disappointed that they don’t cast parents more often. I know it can sometimes come with a stigma when dating, but single parents need love, too. — Taryn

Great point, Taryn. When it comes to mainstream reality dating series at large, the only single parent I’ve watched in recent memory is Michael Allio on Season 17 of “The Bachelorette.” I truly believe audiences appreciate contestants who have regular, degular life experiences, and for thousands of Americans, parenthood is one of those. As Elyse said, it’s a huge part of one’s life and identity. — Ruth

This Couple's Break Up In The Pods Was Epic

I love Jessica, aka the Real Megan Fox. She knows exactly what she wants, but also knows that she can do bad all by herself. And she’s vocal about it. That intimidates Jimmy but also intrigues him. Not enough to open up about how he feels about her, unfortunately. But those Freudian slips he lets out after he proposes to Chelsea say it all.

I do know, however, that Jessica really got the last laugh when she went off on Jimmy after he broke things off with her. I mean, she basically cussed him clean out. My girl said “You’re going to be SICK when you see me.” Now that’s how you clear a bitch! I had to rewind. This might’ve been my favorite pod moment in “Love Is Blind” history. I’m about to rewatch it right now for good luck. — Taryn

That line was iconic, and I also went back to listen to her again: “When you see what you missed out on, you’re going to choke.” Jessica was direct and forthright throughout the whole process. There were parts where she annoyed me, but I really admired how she was not going to just settle for any old thing up in those pods. Cambria, I’m cracking up at you calling her the Real Megan Fox. I feel like that’s DEFINITELY going to come up when they finally meet. — Erin

I also looove Jessica, and Jimmy IS going to choke when he sees her. Jessica was so direct with him, and Jimmy is just an immature little boy who can’t deal with a woman who knows what she wants. He said he’s used to “women who let him lead 100% of the time,” which was a big red flag to me, but he’ll definitely get that with Crybaby Chelsea. He is so shallow and Jessica dodged a bullet with him, but the previews make it look like she might end up sleeping with him? Stay away, Real Megan Fox! — Cambria

Jessica is also the Real Megan Fox because she exudes a no-bullshit personality. She knows who she is and doesn’t back down from a confrontation, which I think turned Jimmy off. He wants someone passive, so he can call all the shots in the relationship. She truly deserves to be someone’s first draft pick — and preferably someone who’s way more mature than Jimmy. — Elyse

Jess ate Jimmy right on up, and my mouth dropped when she said “You’ll need an EpiPen.” Gagged him. I hope she finds a partner who genuinely sees, affirms and understands her. Echoing Elyse, it definitely has to be someone more mature than Jimmy. It’s clear that Jess has such a breadth of life experiences, and her partner should honor that. I admire her resilience and vulnerability. — Ruth

This Couple Is Already A Train Wreck — And They Deserve Each Other

Jimmy and Chelsea deserve each other. Two delusional liars just lying to themselves and each other. They don’t know what they want, and that’s coming at other people’s expense. Neither one wants to just say how they feel. The entire time, they’re playing their cards close to their chests. And I know that’s how some people approach dating, but sweeties [taps mic]: YOU’RE ON “LOVE IS BLIND.” This is a show where your best “strategy” is to be honest with the people you’re dating. Not only about what you want and who you are, but about how you’re feeling about them, too.

Jimmy wasn’t honest about loving Chelsea until he got into it with Jessica (because Jessica rightly held his feet to the fire about not opening up). And Chelsea wasn’t honest about looking like Megan Fox. OK, those two aren’t the same, but I’m still gagged at that. I want to ask both of them if they’re OK. I know they aren’t but still! — Taryn

I really want to like Chelsea. But I think she has more healing to do before she seeks another husband. She seems super unsure of herself. It doesn’t help that Jimmy is not the kind of person to reassure her. But even then, I wish Chelsea felt more confident and sure about the type of man she’s looking for. I don’t think she really knows. When Trevor asks her if she would have picked him if he had proposed first, she didn’t really have an answer. Then, Jimmy. Sigh. He also needs help. I have no good things to say about him either. He cannot communicate well and doesn’t know what he wants either. I don’t see good things ahead for this couple. — Erin

I hate how Chelsea talks. I hate how she laughs. I hate how she cries at everything all the time. I hate how delusional and meek she is. Chelsea is not my kind of girl. I also hate Jimmy. He is a horrible, shallow person and a big dope. She and Jimmy deserve each other. Neither of them ever talk about anything real or deal with any of their emotions. Jimmy clearly loves that she isn’t ever direct about anything. All she does is cry constantly, and Jimmy just avoids everything. However, I’m obviously still here for this train wreck. — Cambria

When Chelsea casually dropped that everyone tells her she looks like Megan Fox, I think my head almost exploded. What’s with these “LIB” contestants saying they look like Megan Fox when they bear zero resemblance? Didn’t Irina pull the same stunt in Season 4?

I think the Megan Fox comment was a turning point for Jimmy. I think he had deeper feelings for Jessica, but being with her was too challenging for his lazy ass. So, when he found out Jessica had a kid and his other option was a potential Megan Fox lookalike, he went for the easier option. I mean, he literally said “Can we get married?” after Chelsea made the Megan Fox comment.

I hope Chelsea is content with a life of feeling like she didn’t live up to his misogynistic standards. — Elyse

Clock it, Elyse! That Megan Fox comment made me laugh, because if I could count the number of people who have told me “You look like [insert Black celebrity here]!” merely because I’m Black? Then if I repeated those inaccurate comparisons in this setting? It’s cooked.

Candidly, I feel like Jimmy is emotionally stunted — nay, emotionally bereft. You can’t be 28 years old and so deficient, yet expect to thrive in a relationship. You’re not “good with speeches” and struggle to communicate any sort of feeling, but you somehow want to take the lead and be the “dominant” male in a partnership. Those attributes are incompatible to me, and I really don’t have the patience for men like that at Jimmy’s big age.

And Chelsea … girl, Chelsea, is just happy to have been picked. I want better for her, but she has to want better for herself. — Ruth

Trevor Was A Total Catch On 'Love Is Blind'

I think if I were on this season, I’d probably be into Trevor. I think he’s really open-minded, upbeat, thoughtful and fun. He’s kind of like a doofy lumberjack — who looks like he buys his clothes exclusively from Kirkland and desperately needs a haircut. I think Chelsea and him finding out that they named their dogs each other’s names is weirder than it is cute, but I honestly think they would’ve made a solid couple.

But I’m glad Chelsea chose Jimmy instead and cut Trevor free. I can’t stand Chelsea’s overly excited sea lion energy, ugh. — Elyse

I think because I really do not like Jimmy, I’m curious how Chelsea and Trevor’s dynamic would play out. Trevor kind of fell to the background in the pods for me (I feel like I was always getting up to do something else when he’d come on screen). So I’m wondering how he’ll be when he inevitably meets Chelsea for the first time. — Erin

I really like Trevor. I want to see him chop some wood like that one man on TikTok.
I also like the way he talks to Chelsea. He makes her laugh, and they seem to get each other in a way where I could see them being best friends and married. Too bad she’s dumb! He’s just really genuine and wants to see people for who they truly are and wants people to do the same for him. (Sorry I objectified you in my first sentence, Trevor, but I’d still love to see it.) — Taryn

I can’t stand Chelsea. She is getting what she deserves in Jimmy, and I’m glad Trevor was cut loose. He actually seems like a really nice guy and he took her ending things like a champ. We do see in the previews for the next episodes that they eventually meet up, and I wonder if they’ll rekindle things? That is, after Jimmy cheats on Chelsea (allegedly — just guessing here from the preview). — Cambria

LOL, Cambria. I have conflicting feelings about Chelsea, but I will try to think through them in our post about Jimmy and Chelsea. — Erin

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