These 'Love Is Blind' Couples Start To Fall Apart On Their Honeymoons

Several conversations threaten to shake the future of the cast mates' relationships.

We decided to split the coverage of the first drop of new “Love Is Blind” episodes because, well, so much goes down at the top of Season 6.

(If you want to catch up on what we talked about while the cast members were in the pods, you can read that blog here.)

In Episodes 5 and 6, five couples make it to their honeymoons in Dominican Republic, and very quickly, some of their relationships start to crack at the seams. Conversations about race, looks, weight and the future rattle the cast members and threaten to shake of their marriage potential.

HuffPost reporters and editors shared our unfiltered thoughts about the episodes below.


Clay Made It Clear To AD Exactly Who He Is On 'Love Is Blind' — And This Won't End Well

AD’s face while Clay stacked all of the dishes was hilarious to me, but then he started saying all that stuff about how he was worried he was going to disappoint her. And I think, in that moment, AD (and all of us) just knew he was going to break her heart. It was the nail in the coffin for me on their relationship. I wish AD listened to her gut and just ended it all there in that moment. I really hope it ends up being a Deepti/Shake situation where she shocks him by choosing herself and saying no on Decision Day. — Cambria

If a man is telling you, “Hey, I’ll probably disappoint you” — baby, he is giving you a heads up. He is explicitly telling you that he’s not shit. It’s very different when it comes from a place of desiring to be better for your partner — or even a fear of failure — as opposed to setting expectations low in an effort to skirt responsibility later. Anyway, good luck and godspeed to my sis AD. — Ruth

This Entire 'Love Is Blind' Interaction Was Incredibly Hard To Watch

OK, Jimmy was so OVERT about flirting with AD, it hurt to watch. But Chelsea’s passive behavior of just lurking around them like a sad little creep wasn’t the best way to go about it, either. Jimmy can’t read your mind, Chelsea. You need to go up and tell him what he’s doing is inappropriate and shut that shit down ASAP. Even though Chelsea eventually confronted him later in private, this relationship is just so ridiculous to me. Neither seems to know what a healthy relationship looks like, and they’re just cosplaying crap they’ve seen in Disney movies and rom-coms. They are fooling themselves to tick off some milestone on their “Look, society, I’m a real adult now” checklist. — Elyse

This is also just the beginning of Chelsea’s embarrassing behavior where she lets Jimmy walk all over her constantly. She won’t ever speak up for herself and it drives me nuts! I used to hate Chelsea, but now I just feel bad for her because she is clearly so so insecure and passive. It’s sad to watch. She just giggles after he does something awful or they get in a fight and then whines, “Babyyyyy.” But I still love this trainwreck. — Cambria

“Ridiculous” is the word, Elyse. Like, Chelsea, you are weak in the knees over this man — STAND UP! This TikTok encapsulates my feelings about their…situationship. — Ruth

It's Official: This 'Love Is Blind' Cast Member Simply Sucks

Jimmy needs to leave everybody the hell alone until he figures out a lot of things in therapy. I don’t wish him well at all. From the way he led on Jessica in the pods to the way he showed his pale, drunk ass on the beach and embarrassed Chelsea. The only good that came out of his BS is that everyone was able to see exactly who he was. I just hope Chelsea picks her self-esteem up and gets the hell out of that engagement. — Taryn

I know I’m going to get some pushback for this, but I don’t think Jimmy is “bad man” per se. I just think he’s an immature dude. I also think Chelsea is a terrible match for him and will bring out the worst in him. I agree he needs therapy, is delusionally entitled and could use some emotional growth, but that’s never really going to happen when he’s with someone as needy and insecure as Chelsea. If he stays with her, he’s just going to grow to resent women and look at them more as trophies rather than human beings. — Elyse

Chelsea, baby, I’m gonna touch your hand when I say this: It’s OK to leave that man. I want you to want better for yourself. — Ruth

The 'Love Is Blind' Cast Is Hypersexualizing The Only Black Woman On The Show

We knew Laura was messy, but this pissed me off because what’s your purpose? First off, I’d never even heard of "bean dipping" someone until Jeramey told AD that Laura told him to flick her tit. And if you really want to break it down, she basically joked that her husband should sexually assault AD.

AD seemed to brush it off as them being stupid until Clay said it bothered him. That’s when she checked Laura, but Laura couldn’t get what she did wrong through her thick-ass skull. She truly thought she did nothing wrong and refused to apologize. She was really dead-ass wrong for that.

Also, I hate how much everybody was sexualizing AD and calling attention to her body, especially since she’s the only Black woman on the main cast. She’s being hypersexualized all throughout the episode. From Clay making weird comments about trying to focus on her eyes instead of her ass to Jimmy ogling her to this bean dip shit. It’s just gross. — Taryn

The fact that there’s a term for slapping somebody’s breast is so troubling … like, how old is Laura, again? Shouldn’t she know better? Also, it seems like she’s getting on Jeramey’s last nerve, which, if so, welcome to the club.

With respect to the comments made about AD’s body, the desirability politics of it all made me very uncomfortable, especially considering she’s a dark-skinned Black woman. AD is absolutely beautiful, which should be acknowledged, however, AD was being reduced to her parts. Jimmy brought it up, then Chelsea chuckled and shared it with the group. At first, it was cute lil’ ki and AD played it off well, but the continued conversation and the way the scene was edited seemed intentional.

Black women are often pegged as either the hypersexual jezebel or the mammy devoid of femininity, and the fixation — as well as obvious insecurity, scrutiny and jealousy from Chelsea — was very telling. (Namely, because Chelsea is a white woman who subconsciously knows Jimmy isn’t attracted to her.) The whole time I kept thinking, “OK, Jimmy is trying to talk her up, but would he actually bring a Black woman home to his family?” There are too many white men who may see Black women as a “fun time,” but ultimately, will settle down with a white woman who resembles their mother. Don’t play in her face or mine. — Ruth

Oh you’re describing Jimmy to a T, Ruth. He would never bring a Black woman home to his family. He’d only bring a quiet, non-direct, submissive white woman home to mommy. He said it himself in the pods that he is used to taking the lead 100% of the time. — Cambria

Clock it, Cambria! — Ruth

Something Is Very Off About This 'Love Is Blind' Couple

Honestly, I think this conversation just gave Kenneth an excuse to break things off with Brittany. He wanted a reason; AD inadvertently provided him with one. — Elyse

I agree with this, Elyse. I’m really curious what Kenneth’s real issue was with Brittany and if more will be revealed, because the entire honeymoon he acted very off with her. — Cambria

I think Kenneth and Brittany certainly like each other and have similar values, which is imperative, but whether it will actually work in the real world is a different story. They seemed real lovey-dovey when they woke up in the Dominican Republic, but I feel like their interactions were limited — not inherently negative, but we just rarely saw edits of them — at the party. (Maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention…)

I’m glad AD asked explicitly: Is Brittany prepared to raise Black children? Is she willing to put in the work? Is she willing to call out problematic relatives? I’m anti-body type and physical attribute inquiries in the pods, but I am always interested in someone’s upbringing, family traditions and values, which largely stem from culture, race & ethnicity. If I can recall, I think it was Brittany in the pods who said that race doesn’t matter to her and Kenneth affirmed that, which is great. However, he could’ve probed deeper. Echoing Cambria, I wonder what we’re gonna find out next. — Ruth

A Conversation About Weight Gain On 'Love Is Blind' Didn't Go Well

Let’s be honest. Clay would be acting just like Jimmy if AD wasn’t fine as hell and built like a coke bottle. So when they started talking about fitness and potential weight gain in the future, I wasn’t surprised at his reaction. But I was still very much grossed out by him telling her that he’d tell her to “get in that mothaf**king gym.” Clay is vain and doesn’t have much going on upstairs so him expecting his future wife to stay a Size 4 tracks, unfortunately. — Taryn

CORRECT, TARYN. Clay is more shallow than a kiddie pool. Nice face, empty brain. — Ruth

I also like that he told her this WHILE THEY WERE EATING and his weird ass was loudly slurping down soup on a fucking hot beach. Did y’all notice AD barely ate anything after that? I mean, this is grounds for giving someone an eating disorder. It’s controlling, shallow, misogynistic and fatphobic. I would have dumped him on the spot. — Elyse

There's 1 Thing About This 'Love Is Blind' Season That Is A Little Off

This experiment wasn’t for Jimmy. He’s so focused on looks that he can’t even see Chelsea for who she is. And Chelsea knows that he’s not attracted to her, but is in denial about it and keeps looking for validation from Jimmy. And Jimmy keeps lying to her (and himself) about how much he’s into her. That’s how we keep getting these weird-ass responses from him, like him saying he noticed her teeth (not smile!) first, but really it was how big her boobs were.

Jimmy had an idea of what he thought Chelsea looked like and that and that was a big reason he chose her — on top of her not challenging him like Jessica did. It’s just like, if physical attraction is that important to you, then this isn’t the show for you. — Taryn

It’s blowing my mind how this entire season is so focused on looks compared to past seasons, which obviously defeats the entire purpose of the show. Jimmy is focused solely on how Chelsea looks compared to Jessica. Clay is focused on how AD looks. I don’t think Kenneth is into Brittany and it seems like it has to do with attraction. This entire cast is proving that love is definitely not blind. I will say I find Jimmy particularly egregious, and this entire thing is really embarrassing for Chelsea because she is really trying to convince herself (and us) that he is attracted to her when nearly everything he says, along with his actions, make it pretty obvious he doesn’t think she is hot enough for him. Which is funny, because I think they’re at the same level of attractiveness. — Cambria

We’ve known that love isn’t blind like we know the sky is blue, which makes it increasingly difficult for me to keep watching these shows, but I digress. Your assessments were spot on, Taryn and Cambria. — Ruth

I think I mentioned this when we covered last season, but I’ll say it again — I honestly think contestants on this show sneakily ask and then imply whether or not they’re hot in the pods. I think Jeramey asked Sarah Ann how many Instagram followers she had, which is a vague way to gauge how attractive she potentially could be. More followers = hotter. Bartise was likely more into Raven in Season 3 when she admitted to him that she worked a side hustle as a bottle girl and Shake asked Deepti in Season 2 if she could sit on his shoulders. I’m glad AD never shared that she used to be a professional cheerleader, because Clay would’ve been even more superficial than he already was. I’m just saying, contestants have proven for QUITE A WHILE that looks are important to them. This whole show is BS (but I love it). — Elyse

I guess it just feels like they’re saying the quiet part out loud this season, when in past seasons, it was a little more subtle. — Cambria

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