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Stunning Ads Show Love Is Love No Matter Who You Are Or How You Look

Love patient. Love is kind. Love is colorful.

A new ad campaign for Brazilian company Zim showcases three couples covered in the vibrant hues of Zim's non-toxic and non-staining colored powder, BoredPanda reports. Two of the images feature same-sex couples.

The ads, by the Salvador-based agency Tuppi Propaganda, have spread love for the LGBT community around the globe.

"Our initial intention was very simple: the fact that love is universal," Zim staff wrote in a blog post, per a Huffington Post translation. "It mixes our colors, our hears and minds and all of its forms are valid and bring happiness. We represented a little of this in the campaign's photos, but it's important to also say that many other combinations, that weren't entered here, exist and are as beautiful as these."

zim color adZim Color & Tuppi

zim color adZim Color & Tuppi

zim colorZim Color & Tuppi


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