Love Is Love as Last State Issues First Gay Marriage License

Louisiana, the last state to issue a same-sex marriage license, was off to a romantic start this afternoon. The first license was issued to a couple who work for the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court and have been watching for the state to comply with the Supreme Court's Marriage Equality ruling. After being together for almost 40 years, Celeste Autin and Alesia LeBoeuf made history by obtaining the first same sex marriage license in Louisiana.

Following closely behind was the first couple to wed in New Orleans, after obtaining a marriage license from neighboring suburb Jefferson Parish. Michael Robins and Earl Benjamin proclaimed husband and husband "under the laws of this nation and the State of Louisiana." "It's great that it's happening in a state that we both love, louisiana," Robinson told the assembled press. The waiting period was waived by the judge, and the couple said their next destination is Disney World.

In honor of Marriage Equality making it to Louisiana, New Orleans native John Boutte soulfully sings Love is Love in a track (full disclosure) written and produced by my husband Jeff with Three Cranes Productions, part of the proceeds going to It Gets Better. Artwork by L. Steve Williams, Jr.

As music critic Alison Fensterstock suggests: "Lie down in a meadow and hold someone's hand while you listen. " Or throw some rice at Louisiana's new wave of newlyweds.