'Love Is Love' Project Documenting LGBT Couples And Families

LOOK: Showing The World That 'Love Is Love'

" Love Is Love " is a large-scale photography project from Mitch Kitter and Shalem Mathew that seeks to document the love and commitment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples and their families across America.

What began as a localized effort through "Love is Love: Alaska," the project will extend through multiple states that have not yet legalized marriage equality, such as Utah and Texas, in an effort to showcase the love of LGBT couples in these areas through a photo book. Kitter and Mathew are currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their travels.

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"The heart of our project is telling stories, and just as with 'Love is Love: Alaska,' we will be creating a book featuring the couples we photograph on the road along with their love stories," Kitter told The Huffington Post. "Early on in the project we realized the photos we are taking are only half of the power of this project. Each couple we have met along this journey have impacted our lives with their stories of courage, love, commitment and loss."

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"Many conversations we hear about equal rights for the LGBT community are either religious or political, and fall flat in the face of real life stories," Kitter continued. "The power of the 'Love is Love' Project is that it is unapologetically honest, all we are doing is showing people something they otherwise might not see. This project shows that though love may have many faces it is still that same love we all hope for."

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Interested in learning more about "Love is Love"? Head here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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