Stock Photos Try To Solve The Mysteries Of Love, But Hilariously Fail

Who needs “experts” when we have stock photos?

For something so universally desired, love is a hard thing to find.

If you don’t have it, you want it (even if you don’t think you do, trust me: you do). 

People go on reality shows or cheesy dating apps to find it and even take the advice of touchy feely TV-friendly “experts” in their quest to get a match.

But what if the answer to relationship happiness isn’t found in books, movies or love songs?

What if everything we need to know about amore can be found in cheesy stock photos?

What if asking rhetorical questions was just a cheap way to sound like you’re providing information when you got nothing? (Thank you for the tip, Discovery Channel.)

Seriously, though. If you don’t understand the mysteries of love after looking at these pics, I can’t help you. (Seriously, I have no qualifications). 

  • If You Can't Be With The Rug You Want, Rug The One You're With
    Simon Bremner via Getty Images
  • Being Alone Can Be Un-bearable
    Gromovataya via Getty Images
  • Fake Roses Don't Have Thorns, But Are Still Painful To The Recipient
    marcduf via Getty Images
  • If You Kiss A Frog Prince, Make Sure You See The Crown First
    Sadeugra via Getty Images
  • The Cost Of Giving Your Heart Can Be A Big Balloon Payment
    Anouk de Maar via Getty Images
  • Watching Lizards Have Sex Is Only A Turn-On For The Lizards
    Fernando Trabanco Fotografía via Getty Images
  • Dinosaurs Can Be A Little Clingy
    Tara Moore via Getty Images
  • Don't Recite Love Poetry With Food In Your Mouth
    Beowulf Sheehan via Getty Images
  • Some People Don't Carrot All About Expressing Their Love
    v_zaitsev via Getty Images
  • Some People Bring Out The Animal In You
    Getty Images
  • Love Stinks At Times So Learn To Adapt
    Fox Photos via Getty Images
  • True Love Can Get You Pumped
    InnaKalyuzhina via Getty Images
  • Some People Try A Little Too Hard
    Betsie Van der Meer via Getty Images


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