A Love Letter To Avocados

They're just so buttery and good.

To say that we love avocados wouldn't even begin to describe the way we feel about this green, buttery fruit. We're obsessed with avocados.

We can eat avocados morning, noon and night (and often times, we do). We almost hit the roof when we found out we could freeze avocados because it meant we'd never have to go a day without -- eating seasonal be damned when it comes to this fruit. And the food nerd in us shines when it comes to knowing all about the different types of avocados.

While we haven't yet realized our dream of becoming avocado farmers -- think about it, those guys get to eat all the avocados they want -- we did write them a love letter. If you feel how we feel when it comes to avocado, read on. And leave a comment below!

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We Love Avocados