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Love Letters: Sunny Isles Beach

The best part about you is no matter where I am on your coast, swimming along the shore or out on my boat, I can still feel my parents alive in the ocean.
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Justin Broman, division manager of the Sunny Isles Beach Ocean Rescue Team, is a Scorpio who enjoys walking on the pristine beaches of Sunny Isles Beach and sharing the area's hidden gems with friends and visitors. A native of the city, Justin loves fishing, surfing, biking and boating. He enjoys cooking and cracking jokes with anyone he meets. Justin is known as an adventurous tour guide who is the unofficial tourism ambassador for Sunny Isles Beach - there's no place like home!

Dear Sunny Isles Beach,

What can I say? I really love you and you are amazing.

Having grown up along your sandy shores, there is nowhere in this world I would rather be. The panoramic view of the sparkling skyline stretching from one end to the other is simply breathtaking. As much as I see you, I never get tired of having another look at the view. I have watched you transform from motel row into glittery buildings that keep the skyline lit at night. Your parks are filled with families having fun, kids running around with huge smiles on their faces and the intermingling of cultures that brings Sunny Isles Beach to life.

Growing up working in the Newport Beach Hotel and Spa, I got to know your ins and outs and see travelers from all over the world enjoy your sandy beaches and blue water. Every year, no matter what, people continue to come back to Sunny Isles Beach. An ideal day for me and you would be fishing on the Newport Fishing Pier from sunrise to sunset, taking in the calm waves and salt-sprayed air.

The best part about you is no matter where I am on your coast, swimming along the shore or out on my boat, I can still feel my parents alive in the ocean. After they passed away, I wanted to make them "one" with the place we called home. Now when I take the boat out into your waves, I can feel their presence.

You are close to everything anyone would want and you're in the perfect location for me. You provide us with access to enjoy the best shopping locations around like Aventura Mall, Bal Harbor shops and The Village at Gulf Stream as well as my favorite sushi restaurant, Hiro. Working on the beach with your police department as a part of your Ocean Rescue team, I am proud to go above and beyond to keep you and all of your visitors safe.

The more I write the more my heart beats for you. I can't forget all the fun activities that await me when I see you. I feel safe in your arms and I am myself when I am with you. From local deep sea fishing boats on crystal clear waters to diving trips with friends, your bike-friendly streets give us many possibilities to explore together. Sunny Isles have my heart forever.

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