A Simple Meditation To Improve Your Love Life

"This is where the magic happens in your relationship," says Dr. Laura Berman.

When you're feeling frustrated with your love life or disconnected in your relationship, there's no benefit to allowing that negative energy consume you. Instead, says relationship expert and author Dr. Laura Berman, consider doing a simple meditation exercise that is designed to "turn off stress and turn on love." 

Step 1: Get grounded.

Sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes and take three deep breaths -- "belly breaths," Berman calls them. As you breathe in, focus on the following:

"Imagine a beautiful light -- any color you want -- coming in through the top of your head, flowing down through your body and sending all the stress, all the anger, whatever it is, deep into roots," Berman instructs. "Let the earth take it."

Step 2: Change your body's energy. 

While in this grounded state, keeping your eyes closed, think of a positive memory. "Go in your mind's eye to a time in your life when you felt unconditional love and peace, all was right with the world," Berman says. 

Staying in this state even for just a few moments can have a powerful impact, she adds.

"What you're doing is changing your body's energetic frequency. You're moving into what scientists call 'coherence,' where the electromagnetic fields of your heart and your brain are in total synchrony."

Step 3: Visualize what you want.

Now, visualize the scenarios you would like to see manifest. "Maybe it's a romantic dinner. Maybe it's a wild and crazy night of passion," Berman says. "Be there in your mind and first person."

Step 4: Let it go.

Here comes the hard part: Let go of the ideal scenarios you just visualized.

"You have to release it and hold it lightly," Berman says. "Because when you attach too tightly to your heart's desire, you're sending messages of constriction, energetically, out to the universe and out to your mate."


With the exercise completed, the only thing left to do is remain open to where life and love take you.

"Look for the cues, look for the messages," Berman says. "All of a sudden, your partner's bringing you flowers and they never did before. Or they're showing up to take you out to lunch. Or they're sending you romantic notes.

"When they do, you are filled with appreciation," she continues. "You're not only feeding your own positive energy, [but] you're giving them positive feedback that will keep them going on the right track. This is where the magic happens in your relationship."



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