Book Review - Jackie K Cooper
L.OVE LITERARY STYLE by Karen Gillespie

Sometimes there is pure gold hidden within an ordinary story. That is certainly the case with LOVE LITERARY STYLE, a seemingly routine novel about a blossoming love affair between a writer of literary fiction and a writer of romance novels. You have read it all before, opposites attract, blah, blah, blah. Except in this case the author of the story is Karen Gillespie and this woman adds distinct touches to make the book as refreshing as the air after a summer rain.

The mismatched couple consists of Aaron Mite, a not yet published author of literary works, and Laurie Lee, a woman who wants to write passionate romances. Aaron is as uptight as any human can possibly be while Laurie is all sunshine and lollipops. She has honed her skills by watching every romantic comedy movie, rom coms as she calls them, ever made. He is nauseous at the thought such movies have ever been made.

They meet cute at a writers colony through a case of mistaken identity. However before they can straighten out who is really who, Aaron is hooked. Still Laurie's lack of knowledge about the writing process causes Aaron's skin to itch. She just throws words on paper and loves the way they sound. He labors over every sentence and every word.

The story is fun and not as predictable as you expect it to be. Basically because Gillespie has the ability to let heartbreak and sadness creep into her story. Aaron is estranged from his father while Laurie is getting over the death of her husband. Just when the plot is bordering on being cloyingly sweet, reality is tossed in as a leavening ingredient.

Gillespie also knows how to construct characters. She appears to be painting only surface images but somehow the reader gets drawn into the depths of their souls. There is more to Aaron than his snobbish attitudes and there is more to Laurie than her flighty Pollyanna ways. Gillespie knows how to make the simple complex and the complex simple.

There is really no way to explain the joy of reading this book. It should be like cotton candy and just melt away in your brain without a thought left behind. But thanks to Gillespie's skills as a writer and as a novelist it works in every way. The end product is a beautiful story of a love between two people who absolutely shouldn't fit, and you will find yourself remembering it often with a smile in your heart. Pus it is going to make one terrific rom com.

LOVE LITERARY STYLE is published by Henery Press. It contains 286 pages and sells for $15.95.

Jackie K Cooper